Housing: Do’s and Don’ts

What to Do and Not Do For Travel Housing

Finding a place to call home for a few months can be a challenging endeavor if we don’t go about it the right way. That’s why we sat down with our Housing Coordinator’s and asked for some advice. Here is what we gathered…

Housing Stipend

Take it or leave it? There are two options when considering housing: Allowance & Assisted. A nurse can either allow the Housing Department to make living arrangements or take the housing stipend and make his or her own arrangements.

If you choose to have TaleMed make arrangements through our assisted housing option we will gladly do so! Our Housing Department does a fantastic job of getting our nurses situated in an environment that meets their needs. TaleMed’s Housing Coordinators work with our nurses to gather what they would like in a living arrangement and make it happen.


If you choose to take the housing allowance stipend from TaleMed, each week the allowance will be provided to you. This can be used however you please. Many of our nurses choose to take the stipend due to there usually being extra money left over after their housing payments have been made. Typically, we see our nurses find their own living arrangements, take the stipend, and then pocket the rest of the cash left over. This works in their best interest because they find a place that works for them while also profiting from the money left over.

The Do’s

  1. Reviews – Our nurses and even our own Housing Department utilize reviews in every situation. They are vital to determining whether a housing situation is a good fit and of reputable standing.
  2. Location – Consider the drive time to the facility you are on assignment at, as opposed to the traffic time during peak hours. This can have a noticeable impact on your commute.
  3. Furnishings – Expenses can mount quickly if you arrive at your place of residence and it isn’t fully furnished. For most travelers, a furnished living arrangement is essential. Be sure to double check before booking.
  4. Must Have’s – Ask questions before signing on the dotted line. Are housewares provided (renting them can be very expensive)?  Where is the laundry located? Is the surrounding neighborhood a safe environment?  Is there a Starbucks nearby?
  5. Pets – Over 50% of travelers have a pet. It is imperative that all costs associated with having your pet with you are known. There is often a separate deposit and monthly rent charge that goes along with them.

The Don’ts

  1. Be Cautious – Many of our nurses find terrific housing opportunities on Craigslist, the following is something to look out for. Know that it is common for a landlord/facility to ask for the first month’s rent upfront. HOWEVER, it is not common for a landlord to ask for payment in full, if this request is made our Housing Department strongly recommends you avoid pursuing that specific living arrangement.
  2. Pets – As mentioned above, over half of travelers have a pet. That being said it can be very expensive. There can be many fees associated with them. Be mindful of that fact.
  3. Reviews – If you notice a facility has an excessive number of bad reviews, it will likely not be a suitable living arrangement. A critical review can say a lot, so don’t take them lightly. Be sure to do some digging on the quality of the housing you are pursuing.

All things considered we hope your hunt for housing goes well! If you are currently traveling with us or are considering traveling for the first time, give us a call at (800) 494-0087. We look forward to working with you!

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