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The TaleMed Difference


At TaleMed, we’re about more than just filling open positions. Our business is guided by our vision of creating partnerships to provide outstanding patient care. We support this vision by setting the standard of excellence for traveling healthcare professionals.

When you partner with us, you can be sure that you’re getting traveling professionals to join your staff who have been fully vetted and bring the knowledge, skill and integrity that your community has come to expect with them.

Our partnerships include both public and private facilities, including acute care hospitals, trauma centers and community hospitals.

of healthcare professionals complete their assignments and receive positive performance reviews

Care for Our Professionals

We care for the professionals on our team by providing housing, competitive benefits, retention programs, professional liability and other insurance, as well as ongoing training and education.

Our Experience

We’ve successfully placed professionals on assignment all over the country.

Our strategic and thorough screening, testing and matching processes give our partners peace of mind that the candidates coming onboard at their facility are well qualified to fulfill their assignments successfully. We’re known for delivering timely and cost-efficient results in each situation. Our partnerships include Federal, State and Local Government agencies.

TaleMed has been Joint Commission Certified since 2007

We’re built to deliver standards and results that comply with government reporting requirements. We maintain high standards and a stringent adherence to the rules and regulations that dictate healthcare service organizations.

Our Methodology

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    We review assignment preferences, skills assessment and criminal background checks with a seven-year history.

Step 1: Employee Screening

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    We take each facility’s unique requirements into account and comply with them when we interview candidates before placement.

Step 2: Employee Job Matching

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    A typical orientation is a series of safety modules and quizzes covering a variety of skills. Most client facilities that will be receiving a TaleMed professional also provide orientation.

Step 3: Orientation

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    TaleMed keeps electronic employee records. If an employee has a credential that is pending expiration, TaleMed sends a notification electronically. Clients needing documents about a nurse assigned to their facility can request documentation for JCAHO reporting.

Step 4: Credential Monitoring

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    Each TaleMed account is cared for by an account manager who oversees quality, communication and performance. We schedule regular check-ins with our professionals to ensure the assignment is going well and to resolve any issues before they affect performance.

Step 5: Ongoing Service

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    Our team is made up of experienced professionals who periodically visit each client to ensure the highest quality performance is being provided by our healthcare professionals.

Step 6: Quality Control

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    As part of our ongoing effort to maintain our standard of excellence, we require healthcare professionals to complete a comprehensive survey after each assignment.

Step 7: Reviews

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Many professionals that choose to work with TaleMed say we treat them like family. From the very beginning, we strive to support you to the best of our abilities. We anticipate questions, exceed expectations and respond quickly when you need us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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