Travel Nursing in Miami

Travel Nursing Destinations: Miami

Travel Nursing in Miami

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So, you picked up a travel assignment in Miami and you’re wondering what there is to do when you’re not hard at work. Your travel coordinator will give you an overview of what the area is like, but it’s still fun to dig in on your own to see what’s out there.

Start With a Plan

Thirteen weeks sounds like a pretty long time, but it can really fly, especially when you’re trying to fit fun around your work schedule. Failing to identify a few hot spots you’d like to hit or activities you’d like to participate in can mean spending twelve weeks binge watching Netflix then scrambling to fit in some touristy fun while packing your bags for home. What are the must-dos?

Hit the Beach

Beaches in the Miami area range from family friendly to fully nude, so check out the Miami Dade Parks website for an overview of the various local public beaches so you’re not surprised. No matter how much coverage you opt for, take sun protection seriously. Miami is closer to the equator than most American cities and you can quickly get seriously burned. Cover up when possible. Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays of at least SPF 30 to any exposed skin.

Visit the Glades

Everglades National Park is like a trip to a more primitive time. Exploring its 1.5 million acres you’ll nearly expect to see dinosaurs. The park is home to many species of flora and fauna, many of them endangered, including the American crocodile, the Florida panther and the West Indian manatee. The Shark Valley Park is a great place to start. You can walk, bike or ride a tram along a 15-mile paved path.

Stay in Shape

Walking through the park is a great start, but if you’re looking to step it up a bit, there is plenty to do. There is no shortage of gyms and spas featuring everything from spinning to paddleboarding. You can also take a jog along ocean drive where you will find everything from beach volleyball to yoga.

Admire the Architecture

Take a walking tour of Miami’s Art Deco District. Concentrated mostly in South Beach, this area also features great beaches and lots of clubs if you are interested in dancing or having a few drinks.

Check out the Clubs

If you’re looking for nightlife, you’ll find plenty of it in Miami. There truly is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a place to dance, meet singles or enjoy a classic cocktail, you’ll find it in one of Miami’s many neighborhoods.

Getting Around in Miami

Miami has a range of public transportation options including Metrorail, Metrobus and the Metromover, an elevated train that serves downtown Miami. There are taxis available as well as Uber and Lyft. For something a little different, consider renting a Decobike or hop on the Miami Trolley.

Hopefully you’re excited about your Miami assignment and have an idea what you have to look forward to. But if you have any questions, just contact TaleMed and we’ll be happy to help you find your way around.


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