To Our Nurses Who Are Also Moms  

Being a nurse can be challenging at times. Being a nurse AND a mother, even more so. In honor of Mother’s Day, we want you to know…

  • We see the many times you went in early and stayed late because the hospital was short staffed.
  • We see the times you powered through after working the night shift to get home, make breakfast and see your children off to school.
  • We see the times you fought exhaustion to stay up after working all day so you could help your kids with homework.
  • We see the weekends you gave up so you could volunteer at your kids’ school during the week.
  • We see you struggling with the decision to leave your sick child home with a sitter so that you can go into work to care for someone else who’s sick.
  • We know about the Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas mornings, New Years Eves, and Easter egg hunts you celebrated on off-days.
  • We noticed how hard you worked to make those same holidays and moments special for the patients and families you were caring for in your unit.
  • We see the compassion and empathy you show the upset and frustrated patient because you know, deep down, he or she is angry at the illness, not at you.

Taking care of other people’s loved ones can be incredibly challenging and and at the same time, immensely rewarding. You’re sometimes only in their lives for a matter of hours, yet you can make a world of difference.  Then you go home and show the same love and compassion to your own family, teaching your children all they need to know, as only you can.

We see and we appreciate all that you do for all the lives you touch.

Happy Mother’s Day!