Great Jobs Available in Beautiful Washington State

You could get your Washington license for free!

Travel nursing opportunities abound in Washington State.

If you’ve never been to Washington, you’re missing out on one of the country’s most beautiful states. Whether you’re hiking through one of three major national parks, crab fishing in Puget Sound or taking in the spectacular view from the Seattle Space Needle, there’s plenty of fun things to do.

If an assignment in Washington sounds like just the type of adventure you’re looking for, it’s best to start the process now. Why? Washington requires a state-specific nursing license to practice there. AND, Washington does not issue temporary licenses. Which means to apply for a job there, you have to already have a Washington license.

What does this mean?

It’s not hard to get a Washington license if you have one in another state. But you need to start now. It generally takes 3-4 weeks to process an application for permanent licensure in Washington. So, if you think you’ll want to travel to Washington any time in the next 12 months, NOW is the time to act.

We have multiple TaleMed job openings in Washington now and expect to have more in the future. To help expedite the process…

TaleMed will pay for the Washington licenses of the first 30 Med/Surg nurses who apply 

Washington is home to many outstanding, resume-boosting medical facilities that are in partnership with TaleMed. While there are job openings in a wide variety of units, TaleMed has a particular need for Med/Surg nurses.

Ready to find out more about Washington?

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