Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re new to the traveling healthcare profession or a seasoned veteran, starting a new position in a strange city can be intimidating.

You can take comfort in knowing that when you sign on with the TaleMed family, we will always have your back. We understand that a smooth transition into your new career begins with leaving no question unanswered. Our team is always available to provide you with any information you need.

For your reference, here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers:

General Questions

Being a travel nurse is exciting! Travel nursing provides opportunities to travel the country, meet new people, further your career, expand your nursing skills in a variety of settings and receive higher pay.

No. A BSN will strengthen your profile, but is not required.

We require at least 1 ½ -2 years working as a healthcare professional (HCP) and recent hospital experience within the last 6 months.

You can get started in as little as one day! Fill out our quick application or give a Staffing Coordinator a call.

Standard hours are:

  • 5 days, 8-hour shifts
  • 4 days, 10-hour shifts
  • 3 days, 12-hour shifts

Yes! We encourage HCPs to work overtime as the pay is significantly higher.

We typically do not staff per diem or strikes because of the inconsistency and unreliability of schedules in those areas. Our local assignments, however, provide a great alternative with flexible options.

Assignment Interview

After you choose travel nursing positions to pursue, we arrange a telephone interview with a hospital representative from each facility. Some facilities will organize a time for a phone call, while others will call you without notice. During the interview, you will find out more about the hospital and position, and will be able to ask specific questions.  Should you choose to accept the assignment, we will confirm all the details with you including pay, housing, travel and insurance, and get you started with compliance documentation.

Always interview to receive an offer. Remember – you are a rock star!  Here are some good questions to ask during your interview:

  1. How large is the facility/unit/department?
  2. Is the facility a private, community or teaching facility?
  3. What are the typical diagnoses and ages of patients seen in the unit/department?
  4. What is the typical nurse-to-patient ratio in the unit/department?
  5. How far is the housing from the facility? (If the facility is providing housing)
  6. What hours will I be working/rotating?
  7. Will I be required to take charge or be on call?
  8. What charting system is used?
  9. Will I be reassigned to different units/departments?
  10. What other job classifications render care in the unit/department?
  11. What is the weekend requirement?
  12. Are there other travelers at the facility?
  13. Is there overtime availability?
  14. Is there a specific approach to care that is delivered in the unit/department?
  15. What recreational activities are located in the area?
  1. What are the top three areas to which you’d like to be assigned?
  2. Are there any clinical issues that may influence your decision on a specific facility? (e.g., facility bed size, patient ratios, care approach, etc.)
  3. What type of facility would you consider to be ideal? Large, teaching, mid-size or small?
  4. What are your top two desirable shifts in order of preference?
  5. How important is the option of overtime?
  6. Taking into account that TaleMed provides you with a Housing Allowance and that pay rates vary throughout the US, what is your ideal weekly take-home pay after taxes?
  7. In a scenario where adequate housing is within a 5-minute drive to the facility, but better housing is a 25-minute commute, which would you choose?
  8. What is motivating you most from a personal growth standpoint? ( e.g., location, highest pay, resume building, etc.)


Assignments often last between 8 and 26 weeks, with most being 13 weeks long. However, the facility may offer you the option to renew if you want to stay longer.

Yes! We do staff local assignments. Keep in mind that some facilities do require HCPs to have a permanent tax residency outside of a certain radius (typically 50-100 miles).

Yes! Many HCPs travel together to the same city! Some even request to work in the same hospital and same shift.

Of course! Many HCPs travel to and from their assignment with their family.  This is a great way for you and your family to travel together.

Yes! One of the benefits of travel nursing is the flexibility you gain in your schedule to go on vacations, visit family, and take time off between assignments as you would like.

Driving is preferred. However, if driving is not an option, ask your staffing coordinator to recommend travel assignments in places with efficient public transportation. You can always fly to your assignment but remember that a rental car is an amenity in the traveling industry and will decrease your total weekly pay.

  1. Unpack your vehicle right away. Do NOT keep valuables in your car
  2. Call TaleMed to let us know of your safe arrival. Give your recruiter any additional phone numbers so that you can be reached in case of an emergency.
  3. Notify the local post office of your new address if you’re having mail forwarded to you.
  4. Prior to your first workday, perform a test drive to the hospital so that you feel comfortable with the route and time.
  5. Arrange for connection of any services (phone, internet, cable TV) that were not connected prior to your arrival.


We want to make your personal and professional transitions as smooth as possible for every assignment. That’s why we always provide a housing concierge, even when you’ve traveled with us for years. Your personal concierge will guide you through the entire housing search process – answering all your questions along the way – so you find just the right accommodations.

When healthcare facilities provide housing arrangements, the accommodations can vary widely. The facility or your recruiter will provide specific housing information.

We’ll assist you in trying to find pet-friendly facilities. However, there are usually size and weight restrictions. A pet deposit is typically required and at times, an additional monthly pet fee is charged. You will be responsible for payment of the pet deposit and any pet-related fees. Upon completion of your assignment, the pet deposit is usually refunded with a portion of the housing deposit retained for a cleaning fee. Additional documentation may be requested per facility.

Travelers typically have 48 hours to vacate housing following the last day of employment. If you extend, the housing extension documentation will vary depending on your housing accommodation and landlord. Upon vacating the apartment, please remove all personal belongings, trash and food. Complexes will charge you for trash removal, cleaning, and any damage done to the property. All complexes are different, so make sure to read your lease carefully! Failure to comply with apartment complex vacancy policies may result in forfeiture of some/all of final travel reimbursement and/or housing deposit.

About TaleMed

You will accrue 1 hour of PTO for every 52 hours worked. All hours worked are included in the calculation of PTO, except for on-call hours, PTO and meal penalty earnings codes.

You may only accrue up to 40 hours of PTO per calendar year. After reaching 40 hours, you can start earning additional PTO after using some of your accrued time and dropping below 40 hours.

We pay our HCPs on Friday of every week and direct deposit your check into your bank account.

Absolutely! Our experienced clinical department is available to help you with any clinical issue or concern you may have while on assignment. Our clinical team is also available to you for moral support, not just issues or concerns.

In an emergency situation, we stress that HCPs seek immediate treatment. In all situation, it is imperative that you report ALL work-related injuries to your TaleMed Recruiter and Employee Services within 24 hours of the incident. Delays in reporting the incident to your recruiter could result in delays and/or denials in processing your claim. Most claims are processed through AIG, unless they are required to be submitted otherwise due to state law.

You are eligible to be covered under TaleMed’s Group Medical PPO monthly. This program is through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield. This plan requires a monthly administration fee. For more information, ask TaleMed’s HR department.

TaleMed offers up to two weeks of insurance coverage between assignments as long as you have a signed offer letter for an extension or new assignment. If you have a gap longer than 2 weeks, you are eligible to go onto COBRA coverage through TaleMed’s insurance plan.

TaleMed’s 401(k) program is available after one year of service and 1,000 hours worked. It is managed by CPI and enrollment is online at your convenience. You can direct as much of your weekly pay as you like into a safe, convenient program. Ask TaleMed HR for more details.

License reimbursement is not taxed, provided the proper documentation is received by TaleMed. We may reimburse up to $100.00 per license, if detailed in your offer letter, upon the successful completion of an assignment. Travel reimbursement, when provided by TaleMed, will also not be taxed. If proof of a permanent tax residency is on file with TaleMed, subsidy/housing will not be taxed for the first 12 months working at the same facility, as long as it meets tax-free requirements.

TaleMed’s referral program is an opportunity for you, the healthcare professional, to reap the rewards of simply referring. Please speak with your Staffing Coordinator about the benefits of referring your friends. We love adding new HCPs to the TaleMed family!

Pre-assignment Checklist

  1. Licensure Endorsement: Before starting your assignment, you’ll need to obtain a license to practice in the state to which you’ll be traveling. You MUST have a valid license and current certifications (CPR, ACLS, etc.) in order to work. Since processing the licensure application varies from state to state, with some states taking as long as eight weeks, it is very important that you apply immediately. Before you begin your assignment, we’ll need a clear, digital copy of your license. If you have any problems, please call us – We’ll be glad to help!
  2. Arrange for a forwarding address at the post office.
  3. Prior to your arrival, you can make arrangements for your telephone, cable and/or internet service hook-up with the respective utility company in the area of your new destination.
  4. Arrange to have the utilities transferred to your name (if necessary). Contact your recruiter if you have any questions.
  5. Inform your family of your travel route and expected arrival date.
  6. Establish a “travel folder” including all receipts (i.e., professional license, CEU’s, magazine invoices, uniforms, travel receipts for gas and airfare, food and lodging). These receipts may be helpful at tax time.