Exciting Times for the TaleMed Family

As you have seen over the last couple of months, TaleMed is joining forces with Triage Staffing to form a company that is Better Together. You can read more about how TaleMed and Triage are Better Together here.

As our two companies have come together, we have been in the process of combining “households” in a sense. In a lot of ways, this merger between TaleMed and Triage is like a marriage – two companies that were very strong and successful on their own are coming together to form one bigger, stronger, bolder family. We are really excited for what the future holds.

Also, just like in any marriage, we had to talk names. What are we going to be called after this “marriage?” To be transparent, one thing we have always struggled with at TaleMed is that our name is often mispronounced. What seemed so clear to us almost fifteen years ago when we started the company – TaleMed’s name comes from the combination of the Talent for Medicine – just has not come across as clearly over the years. I am sure you have heard many of the pronunciations that we have – “Tail-Med,” “Tal-e-Med” and more.

Triage, on the other hand, is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the sorting of patients according to the urgency of their need for care.” That lines up exactly with what both companies have been doing for almost fifteen years – we match healthcare professionals with locations in the country where patients need care the most.

This is an incredibly exciting time for both TaleMed and Triage as a company as well as for you as an employee. We are excited about this newly formed company combining the best of what TaleMed and Triage have to offer. And we are excited to be doing that together under the name Triage Staffing moving forward.

We want to make sure that you know that our commitment to you as an employee does not change because of this new company format or new name. As always, you can still expect the following from us:

  • Personal Service—Our travelers are our priority. You are never just a number to us, but a member of the family.
  • Dedication to care for all our travelers while you are on assignment—Family takes care of family. And we, as a company, want to make sure that you have everything you need as you take care of your patients.
  • Frequent interaction with your recruiter and other members of the team—Your support system does not change. Your will still interact with the same team that has been serving you all along.
  • Clinical care and support – Our Clinical team is always available to answer any clinical needs you may have.

This change is going to take some time, but we are very excited about what the future holds.

Better Together