ER Travel Nurse Corbin Sohn

ER Travel Nurse Joins TaleMed Clinical Team

Corbin Sohn has been an emergency department travel nurse with TaleMed for four years and recently joined the TaleMed team as the Clinical Liaison. In this new role he works to help other healthcare professionals on their journeys.

“Every hospital is different: every assignment is different,” he said. “If travelers ever have a concern about the way a clinical issue is being handled or need to resolve a problem with their facility or manager, I’m here to help. I want them to be at the top of their game when taking care of patients.”

Serving as a Bridge

Corbin sees this new chapter in his career as an opportunity to serve other healthcare professionals.

“It’s extremely important to have someone to talk with through the challenges of being a traveler,” he said. “Travelers can sometimes feel isolated. They’re in new territory every time they start an assignment and they may not always feel close with the manager, other nurses, or staff they’re working with. I am proud to be able to support other healthcare professionals and be a leader for our travelers.”

The Clinical Liaison serves as additional support to TaleMed’s existing travel healthcare professionals.

“We’re excited to have Corbin join the team,” said Clinical Director Susan Abbott, RN. “He has bedside experience and travel experience, so his perspective is valuable for our travel healthcare professionals- and for our team to be able to use him as a resource.”

Stopping Burnout

“Research has shown that manager support is one of the biggest factors in preventing nurse burnout,” Sohn said.

TaleMed strategically designed the clinical team to be a sounding board for their travel healthcare professionals. Corbin spends most of his time doing exactly that – remaining in contact with healthcare professionals about their needs.

“We get to provide a second level of clinical management and support to our travelers to ensure they are successful wherever they go,” he said. “As a traveler I always felt like I was part of the TaleMed community and enjoyed the close-knit culture. As I take on this new role, I am excited to get to be a bigger part of the team supporting healthcare professionals and to continue the commitment to our travelers.”

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