ER Nursing

The ER Nurse on the Move

Zachary Z. loves to be on his feet and moving around. His mind’s always in motion. Working in the ER fits his style. ER Nursing became his lifestyle.

He didn’t realize these things about himself when he first became a nurse. He started off as a medical-surgical nurse at a New York hospital. “One day I got assigned to the ER,” he says. “I used to watch the show ER with my mom when I was a kid. I got one taste of the real thing, and it was so exciting I started requesting to work there every day.”

He’d always wanted to travel but decided to get a few years under his belt first. “I wanted to get my skills up to par,” explains Zac. “But then I realized I’m only getting older, so I needed to get a move on.”

He found TaleMed in 2018 after an extensive search. He’s been traveling in ER nursing ever since.

Making Friends Along the Way

While recently working in Albany, Ga., he drove all over the south visiting Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans. Zac likes to take day trips with co-workers while on assignment. “I’ve made some of my best friends while traveling,” he says. “We still keep in touch!”

His favorite assignment so far has been at a hospital in Vermont. “The staff was amazing and made me feel at home,” says Zac. “They told me all the best places to check out in the area.”

He loves to ski, snowboard, mountain bike and hike, so he took his co-workers’ suggestions to heart. Colleagues pointed him in the direction of Jay Peak and Mount Lafayette in New Hampshire, and he was impressed.

“Everyone there was so proud of their state,” he says. “There are very few franchises around, so we would go to the best local restaurants and craft breweries. I loved that assignment.”

ER Nursing

It’s About Attitude

To be a successful traveler, Zac believes it’s important to stay positive and look on the bright side of every new hospital. “Don’t be negative about the facility. You need to take each day as it comes — especially when working in an ER,” he says.

To make each day count, Zac tries to make himself as valuable as possible to fellow nurses. “Wherever I go, I hit the ground running,” he says.

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