Get help taking your ECG dysrhythmia test

Keep the Rhythm to Earn Compliance

You’re excited about your upcoming traveling nurse assignment. Everything is almost wrapped: You’ve cleared the background and drug screenings. Your medical records, physical exam and flu vaccination are all in order. But there’s one final item you’re kind of dreading:

Passing the ECG dysrhythmia test.

Even if you’ve passed a TaleMed ECG test previously, some hospitals still require a new test, depending on the nursing unit. The best way to be prepared is practice, practice, practice, according to TaleMed Clinical Director Susan Abbott.

“It’s important to stay in the daily rhythm of reading ECG strips,” says Susan. “If nurses take even a couple of months off from practicing, it can become difficult to identify subtle differences that may be a precursor to a lethal rhythm.”

How to prepare for the ECG test

Susan recommends keeping current with ECG diagnostic skills both on and off the job. Nurses can take advantage of a great online resource called The 6 Second ECG:

Take the 6-second ECG to help pass the nurse dysrhythmia test

On this site, nurses can learn more about the 27 most common cardiac rhythms, and then practice identifying them. Not to pile on the stress, but some hospitals only give applicants one chance to pass the test.

So, it’s really important to keep practicing. Reach out to Susan or your TaleMed recruiter if you have concerns. We’re always here to help!

Ugh, there’s also math!

Math might not have been your favorite subject in school. But it’s still important to be compliant for nursing assignments.

Luckily, there are no advanced calculus questions. Nursing math tests present “real-world” situations you’re comfortable with:

  • IV formula calculations
  • Test scheduling
  • Weight and measurement conversions

To prepare for a nursing math test, log in to TaleMed’s Prophecy learning module for practice questions. Or talk to Susan Abbott about taking a course on

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