Struggling to Find the Nurses Your Hospital Needs?

Your nurses are a major part of your healthcare team. Since they have direct interactions with patients, nurses help facilitate treatment effectiveness and patient satisfaction at your facility. So you can imagine it’s crucial to take time and find the right nurses. If you’ve decided to supplement your workforce with the talents of travel nurses, your next step is finding those who can fill your open job opportunities. Where should you begin?

Find the right travel nurses

When in search of travel nurses in Durham, North Carolina, you may wonder where you can find those well matched to your facility. Your first step is to partner with a travel nurse staffing agency. The experienced staff will work with you to understand any challenges faced by your business, as well as the specific qualifications needed by nurses to work there. And travel nurse staffing firms have access to a wide network of available candidates in and around Durham—making it much faster and easier to find the right nurses for your organization.

How to work with your travel nurse recruiter

To maximize your staffing relationship, take steps to help ensure you make the right hiring choices. These include the following:

  1. Write specific job descriptions. You can help your recruiter help you by being as detailed as possible about qualifications for nurses at your facility. Provide as many details as possible for the best match, such as type of unit, required specialty, shift, special equipment knowledge, etc.
  2. Conduct phone interviews. Once your recruiter sends you resumes, review them as soon as possible and set up interviews. Phone interviews work best, since many candidates will be traveling to Durham from other parts of the country.
  3. Do thorough background screenings. To ensure safety, always conduct screenings such as education and employment verification, and drug testing. The best travel nursing agencies will usually take care of screenings, so do your research before you choose a staffing partner.
  4. Look for qualities that make a good travel nurse. This way, you can ensure you make sound hiring choices. Look for strong clinical skills and specialty certifications, as well as flexibility, a friendly personality and the ability to learn quickly.
  5. Be prepared to answer questions. Travel nurses will almost always have questions for you about the position, your facility and the surrounding city. Be prepared with all possible information prior to interview time. This way, no follow-up will be required and you can extend job offers that much faster.

Looking for travel nurses?

Check out TaleMed! We work with facilities across the country in cities such as Durham, Brooklyn, Austin, San Diego and more. We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and place you with the best nurses around. To learn more, contact TaleMed today!

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