TaleMed uses a dual submittal form when necessary to help traveling nurses get a new position

How Does a Dual Submittal Form Save the Day?

You’re in the middle of looking for your next traveling assignment when a hiccup happens. Your profile actually got submitted twice for the same job. This actually happens a lot in the industry, and here’s typically what happens:

There’s a job at a hospital in a beautiful place that you would absolutely love to take. It’s in the right department. The pay is great. It’s also the perfect assignment length.

Your recruiter asks if you want your profile submitted. And of course, you eagerly say yes!

The hospital hiring manager reviews your profile and decides that you are a great fit. (Of course, why wouldn’t you be?) But, the start time is coming up fast, and a problem appears. The other travel agency you’ve been working with submitted your profile for the job as well – without asking. The hospital can’t hire you if they don’t know what agency to accept you through.

It takes time and additional hassle for the hospital to figure out the mix-up, and in that time your dream job could go to another qualified nurse. But at TaleMed, we won’t let this happen.

At TaleMed, we’re on your team. In order to get you the dream job you deserve, we have a quick and easy process that eliminates this problem and allows you to take your dream travel assignment. We call this knight and shining armor a duel submittal form. Our recruiters use this form to confirm that the nurse is accepting the position through TaleMed.

How can a dual submittal help you get the job?

At TaleMed, we won’t submit your profile to a position unless we have your consent. Unfortunately, other agencies don’t have this same policy and that’s why dual submittals occur. As soon as we’re notified by the hospital that your profile is submitted twice, we immediately send you the dual submittal form to sign that says you want to accept the position with TaleMed.

We then send this to the hospital administrator, and  they retract your other profile submitted from the other agency. Then the job is yours!

What does the form look like?

The form is a quick one-pager that requires only a few fill-ins on your part. Your name, the facility name, the approximate contract dates, the name of your TaleMed Staffing Coordinator and your signature. It’s a quick, yet effective, way to be off on your next travel nursing adventure!

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