Travel Nursing With Family

Travel Nursing With Family

About Travel Nursing With Family

As a travel nurse, you have a unique job opportunity. You can bring your spouse, children and even pets with you as you travel to Fall River, MA for your next nursing placement—or anywhere else your opportunities take you! You don’t need to sacrifice your family life for a travel RN lifestyle. With just a little planning, you can enjoy travel nursing with a family. Just follow these planning tips from the healthcare industry experts at TaleMed.

As you get ready for your first (or your next!) travel nurse assignment, follow these steps to get yourself and your family ready:

  • Work out housing arrangements. Your recruiter can help you find suitable housing that will accommodate your spouse, children and pets. Your staffing agency may place you with standard housing, or you may receive a stipend to find your own place to stay during assignment. Regardless, be sure your temporary home includes or is close to laundry services, recreation (such as a park), your children’s school, public transportation, etc.
  • Ask about health insurance. As you get ready for your Fall River travel nursing job, it’s important to find out what benefits are available—you never know when someone may need medical care. Does the agency offer health insurance only for you, or are dependents also covered? You can avoid headaches when you find this out before you leave on assignment.
  • Find doctors, hospitals and a veterinarian before you arrive. Thanks to the internet it’s a snap to look up healthcare providers covered by your insurance before you even leave your home for your travel RN placement. Make a list you can hang on the fridge so you’ll always know who to call in case of an emergency.
  • Plan schooling options for your children. If your children are young or graduated, travel nursing is much easier. But if they’re school age, you’ll need to figure out how they’ll receive the education they need. You may want to homeschool your children while on assignment, or travel during the summer months while they’re off for a fun vacation!
  • Discuss work options for your spouse. If you have a two-income household, your spouse will need to secure work if they are traveling with you. This could include working with a temp agency, beginning a career as a consultant or taking a sabbatical. If your spouse works in education, travel during the summer months can be much easier.
  • Find local day care facilities. With young children and two working parents, you’ll need to figure out day care for young children during your Fall River travel nurse placement. Check with your recruiter to determine if day care services are offered at the facility where you’ll be working. If not, it will help to find a local daycare service.

Advantages of a travel nurse career

Travel RNs get to see the world—and bringing your family provides an opportunity for them to do the same. Travel nursing with children helps your kids experience new settings and cultures, and can help them to be well rounded and more flexible. As a family, you can grow stronger by the experience of traveling together.

Looking for Fall River travel nurse jobs?

If you’re wondering how to find a travel nurse job in Massachusetts or many other states across the country, check out TaleMed. Our expert recruiters will help you find the best travel nurse jobs based on your preferences and experience. To learn more, contact us today!

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