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How to Meet New People on Assignment

Meeting New People on a Travel Assignment

Do you have the new-assignment jitters? As you prepare for your Brooklyn travel nurse placement, you may be worried about how to meet people while at your temporary new home. Relax: it’s perfectly natural to have concerns about making friends on travel nurse assignments. After all, having a social outlet is important to staying happy and healthy. So if you’re a travel nurse who’s wondering how to meet new people, fear not! Simply follow these tips from TaleMed and you’ll be on your way to a social circle in no time!

Ten ways travel nurses can find friends in Brooklyn.

  1. Work with your recruiter. Ask them to put you in contact with other travel nurses who will be at your facility. Reach out to the nurses beforehand or seek them out once you arrive.
  2. Smile and be confident. It’s time to put your social skills to the test! On your travel assignment, it’s really up to you to be friendly and make the acquaintance of your co-workers. So smile, introduce yourself, ask if other nurses want to grab coffee or lunch, and get chatty. Other travel nurses will likely be in the same boat and appreciate your company!
  3. Check out local meetups. This social website is great way to find others with similar interests. Just visit, search for groups in Brooklyn that interest you and check them out! For safety, ask another travel nurse if they’d be interested in joining you. Be sure to only attend meetups in safe public locations.
  4. Poll your networks. Check with colleagues, friends and family to see if they know anyone in Brooklyn, or the city you’re traveling to. Then, reach out to that person, explain you’ll be in town and ask if they wouldn’t mind showing you around a little. You just might click!
  5. Find a local church. If you’re religious, a faith community is a great way to find acceptance and friendship while on assignment. Many churches hold coffee gatherings or social functions beyond weekly mass.
  6. Find like-minded individuals. Do you like to read? Visit local bookstores or libraries and inquire about book clubs. Bike or fitness shops may offer biking, hiking or running groups. Think about your passions and where you may be able to find others with similar interests to spend time with.
  7. Join a gym. Fitness classes are a great way to meet people—and stay in shape! Gyms offer anything from spinning to Zumba to yoga and much more!
  8. Go where the locals go. Is there a popular coffee shop, music venue or art gallery that’s popular with Brooklyn locals? Ask your co-workers what’s fun in the area and go check it out! You never know who you might meet.
  9. Scan bulletins boards at your facility. You may learn of different clubs, craft shows, events, etc., you can attend to interact with your co-workers.
  10. Volunteer. Giving back is good for the soul, allows you to support the community and is a great place to interact with others. A simple Google search can provide a list of local charities looking for volunteers.

Always be safe

When you’re in Brooklyn, or any other city that’s new to you, be careful. Never travel to unsafe areas and try to always go out with another person. Keep your cell phone charged and invest in a good GPS system in case you get lost.

Are you ready for your next travel nurse adventure?

Whether you’re traveling to Brooklyn or another location, you can work with the expert recruiters at TaleMed. Your recruiter will connect you with the best travel nurse placements and work with you for an assignment you love. To learn more, contact TaleMed today!

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