Vacation Time? Preparing for Your Next Assignment So You Can Disconnect

Line Up Your Next Travel Assignment During Vacation

Nurses who work hard, play hard! If you’re a full-time travel nurse, you may find yourself lining up your next assignment during your current one. But if you’re ready to take some time off and relax, you’ll want to unplug during your vacation—and return ready to begin your next assignment. To do this, it can help to line up your next placement before you embark on your vacation. And that’s easy when you work with a travel nurse staffing agency!

Work when you want

With travel nursing, you can accept placements as often as you’d like. So when it’s time to take a breather and go on vacation, you can do it without worries. Simply reach out to your travel nurse recruiter and let her know when you’d like to begin your next assignment. Then, your recruiter will help you find a placement that fits within your time requirements. It’s that easy!

Travel nurse vacation planning

When you have your vacation booked, reach out to your travel RN recruiter. She will help you line up your state licensure, housing assignment and travel itinerary for your next placement. This way, you can hit the ground running when your vacation ends. You can even prepack a “go bag” of items you know you’ll need on assignment, so you can quickly grab and go to your next travel nurse placement.

Where would you like to go?

Another great aspect of travel nursing is your choice of destinations across the country or possibly around the world. And don’t forget about your free time on assignment. If you opt for a vacation-like location, such as San Diego, New Orleans or Honolulu, you’ll be able to lounge, sightsee and explore while you’re off the clock: a minibreak after your full-fledged vacation!

Find the best travel RN placements

With TaleMed, you gain access to assignments in the best cities for travel nurses. Whether you’re looking for an assignment in New Orleans or many other cities across the nation, our recruiting experts will help you get there. Prepare to cross destinations off your bucket list and contact us for more information!

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