How Can TaleMed Meet Your Needs?

Leader in the Travel Nurse Staffing Industry

If you’re looking for Denver travel nurses, it can help to work with a recruiter. And if you’re in search of the best of the best in travel nurse recruiters—you can rely on TaleMed. We’re a leader in the travel nurse staffing industry and we place highly qualified nursing talent with integrity. To you, this means an uncompromising commitment to your staffing needs, so every placement is successful. But don’t just take our word for it—trust the numbers! Ninety-nine percent of healthcare professionals completed their assignments with TaleMed last year.

What TaleMed offers

We have a wide range of healthcare industry experience, working with public and private facilities that include acute care and community hospitals, and trauma centers. This means we understand what qualifies travel nurses to be the best around. And working with TaleMed, you’ll be staffed with highly qualified, top nursing talent that meets your hospital’s staffing needs. But that’s not all.

Advantages of TaleMed also include:

  • Access to the right nurses for your hospital. Our candidate network includes more than 100,000 active health professionals. This means we find and place the travel nurses that meet your exact hiring specifications. Plus, we’re Joint Commission certified, with high standards that comply with all government regulations.
  • A staffing strategy that fits. TaleMed is fitted with 23 vendor management solutions through our cutting-edge technology. Whatever your unique situation, we’ll work with you for a plan that meets your travel nurse staffing needs.
  • Happy, productive travel nurses. We treat our travel professionals like family, and provide competitive benefits, housing, retention programs, professional liability insurance, licensing assistance and ongoing training. The result? Travel nurses with the support they need to stay focused on the task at hand—your patients.
  • Fast, easy transitions. We’re good at what we do. TaleMed has successfully placed travel professionals with assignments around the globe, and our spot-on job matches help candidates complete their assignments successfully. You can rest easy knowing your staffing needs will be met while we handle nurse screening, testing and placement. Working with TaleMed as your recruiter, you’ll cut your travel nurse staffing efforts to a fraction of the time it takes to find candidates on your own.

How to find travel RN talent

If you’re looking to staff up with travel nurses and you’re not sure where to turn, check out TaleMed.

Working with our experienced healthcare recruiting professionals will help you find and place the right travel nurses. And you’ll be able to do so much faster than having to locate candidates on your own.

Looking for Denver travel nurses?

If you’re interested in hiring travel nurses, it helps to work with a top travel nurse recruiter. And the experts at TaleMed can help! We’ll work with you to find and place travel nurses in Denver, or many locations across the country! To learn more, contact TaleMed today!