Dear TaleMed,

Introducing “Dear TaleMed”

There are a lot of questions we all have that might not get answered when we need them to. It is our hope that by creating this service we will be able to relieve some of the strain when questions or concerns do arise.

“If You Build It, They Will Come” – If You Ask It, We Will Answer

Has anyone else ever seen Field of Dreams? Neither have I…

TaleMed has always put the care we provide our nurses at the top of our priority list. This service is another example of that value being put into practice.

How It Works

Essentially this will act as an advice column (without the newspaper aspect). Columns such as Since You Asked, Dear Prudence, and Ask Polly might ring a bell here. Dear TaleMed will operate much like columns such as these. If a question, comment, or concern comes to mind that you would like feedback on, just let us know.


  1. Email your question, comment, or concern to
  2. Wait for response
  3. Receive response
  4. Be impressed

Note: All participants will be kept anonymous. Responses may or may not be posted to TaleMed’s blog section of the website. Blog responses will be posted to website on a random basis. These posts will include the Subject and the Response.