TaleMed announces our first DAISY awards

TaleMed Presents Our First DAISY Award Winners

TaleMed is proud to announce our first DAISY Awards! The family of J. Patrick Barnes established the awards in 1999 in honor of the excellent nursing care he received during his battle with the auto-immune disease Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP).

And now as a DAISY Award healthcare staffing company partner, we honor two of our nurses who live out TaleMed’s RICHER core values of Respect, Innovation, Consistency, Humility, Excellence and Resilience on a daily basis.

Excellence in Performance: Kimberly N. who found a coarctation on a week-old baby. When her TaleMed recruiter asked her about receiving recognition for her assessment skills from the facility, she replied humbly, “Apparently, if I hadn’t caught it, the baby probably would have died later that shift or day. Even so, I am not as familiar with this heart defect, so I’m trying to read up about it.”

RICHER Core Value Award: Danielle W. who delivered a baby on her first day in a unit when no doctor was available. TaleMed’s Clinical Director Susan Abbott says, “To guide a smooth, safe delivery in a new facility is extraordinary. She exhibited all of TaleMed’s RICHER core values in a stressful situation.”

Why TaleMed Partners with the DAISY Awards

TaleMed decided to partner with the DAISY Awards to honor the ongoing efforts of all the travel professionals, says CEO Elizabeth Tracy.

“We are continuously inspired by the excellence and dedication of our travel professionals,” says Elizabeth. “That’s why we partnered with the DAISY Awards. We want to make sure our nurses know how much we appreciate them.”

In addition to the two winners, six nurses were named finalists for their outstanding work:

  • Sarah A.
  • Jessica F.
  • Karissa G.
  • Miranda P.
  • Sharon P.
  • Tara S.

TaleMed will present DAISY Awards twice a year. To nominate a nurse for the next award, complete a short online form by September 1. We will announce our next winners October 1.

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“Our goal was to ensure that nurses know how deserving they are of our society’s profound respect for the education, training, brainpower and skill they put into their work and especially for the way with which they deliver their care.” — The DAISY Foundation

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