DAISY Award Winner: Marie P.

How a Nurse’s Quick Action Averted a Tragedy

When you win a “Save the Brain” award from your hospital, it’s a good sign you may also become a DAISY Award Winner.

TaleMed ICU nurse Marie P. earned her DAISY Award after taking quick action when she realized a patient of hers may have suffered a stroke.

The patient was in the hospital under Marie’s care in the ICU, recovering from a recent stroke. She’d been recovering well with no neurological deficits and starting a new physical therapy regimen. However, during the first PT session, Marie recognized that her patient wasn’t answering the therapist’s questions. Going to her patient’s side, Marie quickly determined she was experiencing neurological changes.

She called in the stroke team who sent the patient for CT scans. The results showed a worsening blood clot that had caused a second stroke. Her hospital’s neurological team recognized Marie for her intervention, which minimized brain damage and saved her patient’s life.

“Marie’s quick alertness, assessment, notifications and immediate intervention minimized damage,” said Austin Kottenbrock, Marie’s recruiter who nominated her.

She earned the hospital’s “Save the Brain” award.

Always There to Help People

Marie’s instinct to help people developed at an early age. While growing up, she helped take care of her grandma when she had cancer.

Following her passion, she worked as a tech in a Little Rock, AR, hospital for seven years, becoming a registered nurse in 2015.

“It was natural for me to take care of people,” says Marie. “I’m just glad to be able to help people.”

Marie became a travel nurse with TaleMed after a friend referred her to Austin.

She wanted to travel somewhere warmer, and Austin helped her find an assignment in Florida. She earned her DAISY Award at her first TaleMed travel assignment.

“Everyone at the hospital loves her,” says Austin. “They really appreciate the knowledge and inquisitiveness she brings to every task.”

Marie said she’s been enjoying her time there – photographing her favorite beaches and trails.

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