DAISY Award Winner: Erin M.

Having the Healing Touch

Erin M. felt called to nursing early in life. She answered the call, and we’re recognizing her as a TaleMed DAISY Award Winner because of her heart for her patients.

Erin was nominated because of her care for a specific patient, a woman dealing with a long hospital stay after a complicated surgery. The patient’s stay was even more difficult because she was in the hospital over Christmas.

While caring for her,  Erin took a little extra time with her, listening to her, and paying attention to her needs – physical, mental and emotional. When it became obvious the woman was going to still be in the hospital on Christmas Day, Erin took action.

Erin brought in decorations to bring festive holiday spirit to the patient’s room. This act of kindness made a difference to her patient ― lifting her mood and helping her recovery.

According to Austin, her TaleMed recruiter, “By the end of their time together, the patient thanked Erin for taking the time to listen and care for her in a compassionate way. She told Erin how her care and attention had made such a difference in her life.”

Answering the Call of Nursing

Erin grew up in northern California. She remembers seeing several of her relatives struggle with being sick. She also remembers the nurses she met who took care of those relatives. Those experiences made her want to be a nurse.

She started nursing school after a brief time working in a law office. She decided to pursue her dream before it was too late. Then after her first semester in nursing school, her boyfriend  was diagnosed with cancer.

She considered quitting nursing school to stay home and take care of him. But he encouraged her to keep going and she stuck with nursing. They later married. After graduation, she worked as a Med-Surg nurse in California for 6 years, but in 2018, her husband passed away.

“My husband was an adventurer,” says Erin. “He inspired me to become a travel nurse. I needed to do this for me, and I wanted to honor him as well.”

She’s been a travel nurse ever since.

Now a DAISY Award Winner

Austin said that Erin’s positive attitude travels with her to every assignment. All her managers and coworkers comment on how it’s a joy to work with her.

“She has very strong skills as a med/surg nurse,” Austin says. “She really cares about her patients.”

She’s worked for TaleMed since November 2018 and extended assignments at multiple prestigious, academic facilities. Erin would see the DAISY Award logo on other nurses’ badges. Now she holds the much-treasured honor as well. She said she plans to keep learning from every patient she helps. And she’s excited to keep exploring the East Coast as a travel nurse.

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