Jacklyn J won the DAISY Award for TaleMed

The Award-Winning Travel Nurse Who Found Her Passion

Jacklynn J. was shocked when she found out she’d won a DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. “I wasn’t expecting it at all,” she says.

The DAISY Foundation honors nurses who shine in their jobs every day. According to Ben Rascona, Jackie’s recruiter at TaleMed, she has done just that. “

Jackie represents TaleMed and our core values better than anyone else I work with personally,” Ben says. “She has worked with our company for over a year and has continued to be reliable and demonstrate an incredible work ethic. She is just simply a great person to work with.”

Ironically, Jackie didn’t always want to be a nurse. She originally wanted to be a doctor. She couldn’t have predicted she would not only become a nurse but an award-winning travel nurse.

The Freedom to Choose

Jackie’s enthusiasm for medical school was short lived. “I realized just how long I would be in school,” she laughs. She found her real passion while shadowing a nurse friend during clinical rotations. “I wanted to be hands-on with patients at their bedside. After I delivered my first baby, I knew that’s where I wanted to be.”

She became a labor and delivery nurse in Milwaukee, but she wouldn’t stay in one place for long. “I’d never been out of the Midwest,” she says. “I met travel nurses in school and heard about their flexible schedules and freedom to choose where they go next.”

Jackie joined TaleMed in July 2018. Her first travel nurse job, however, wasn’t that far from home. In Eau Claire, WI, she worked at a brand-new hospital. “There was a lot of running around,” Jackie says. “We were really holding the place down.”

She’s currently at a Seattle, WA, hospital and things are still hectic. It can be a high-stress environment in a big city with floating to another hospital a possibility at any time. “They really have the best staff,” Jackie says. “In a crisis moment, like resuscitating a newborn, I know I have people to support me.”

Getting to Know the Nursing Staff

Jackie believes that on any new job, in any new city, you must dive in headfirst. Go with the flow and be open to feedback. “They’re just giving you constructive criticism,” she explains.

It’s certainly paid off for Jackie. “Jackie is known across her entire unit,” says Ben Rascona. “She is loved by all!” It helps that when she received her DAISY Award at work, her co-workers all got to eat cupcakes!

The way Jackie gets to know her fellow staff is simple: She asks them out for coffee. “It’s how you learn about a new place,” she says. “There’s a lot of touristy stuff in Seattle, so I want to know the best restaurants and coffee shops. I’ve learned about all different kinds of cultures from colleagues.”

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