Travel nurses can get crisis rates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus — Crisis Pay Rates for In-Demand Positions

The United States, and the world, is experiencing a crisis on an unprecedented scale. COVID-19 has brought whole cultures and economies to a standstill.

Most importantly, hospitals are struggling to keep pace with the increased demand for care. Beds and medical supplies are in demand — and so are nurses and ther healthcare professionals.

TaleMed knows that HCPs are needed across the country. We’re offering crisis pay rates to help you join the fight.

The Average Pay for HCPs has Doubled

Crisis rates describe a higher-than-normal rate of pay for nurses and other HCPs and are implemented at the hospital’s discretion for specific assignments because a position is in high demand or critical to the hospital’s mission.

Crisis rate positions have skyrocketed since March 1, and the rates are nearly double that of a traditional travel nurse pay rate across the United States. According to NurseFly, “Average pay for Registered Nurse (RN) jobs was $1,700 nationwide in January 2020. As of March 2020, the average pay for COVID-19 related RN jobs jumped to over $3,000 — with certain locations and specialties seeing increases even higher than 100 percent

Travel Nurses are a High Staffing Priority

Fully credentialed HCPs are needed in all hospital units, but travel nurses in particular are the highest staffing priority. “Staffing at Intensive Care Units (ICUs), emergency departments (EDs) and nurses who specialize in Infection Control are seeing the highest demand,” says NurseFly.

You can search TaleMed’s Travel COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Crisis Pay Nurse Jobs page, which features our Action Plan and Crisis Pay rate positions with an estimate of the weekly pay, as well as a convenient application form.

TaleMed shares your mission to positively impact the world. We’ll support you in any way possible as you care for patients during these uncertain times.

The time is now!

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