TaleMed Scholarship Winners

Congratulations TaleMed Scholarship Winners

The TaleMed Inc. Scholarship

We believe it is imperative to invest in the younger generation. TaleMed awards an annual $500 scholarship to two students from Milford High School. These students are graduating seniors who have expressed their intention to pursue a degree in the medical field. They have exemplified what it is to serve their community and dedicate themselves to school in an exceptional fashion.

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Chloe Elleman and Samantha Connor on being awarded the TaleMed Inc. Scholarship! These two young ladies have written very strong essays and far exceeded the expectations we look for in our scholarship contestants. Both Chloe and Samantha have worked hard throughout their Milford High careers to impact not only their school but the community as well. It is imperative we have community minded young leaders making an impact in their spheres of influence.

The Medical Field needs valuable individuals like Chloe and Samantha. It is because of their vision and passion for the future that American Medicine and Healthcare are continually at the forefront of the world medical scene. TaleMed consistently invests time and energy into the empowerment of young professionals.

It is our belief that, “Anyone who loses their vision for the future, will always return to the past.” With those words in mind we say Thank You to Chloe Elleman and Samantha Connor for striving to be the best. Keep working hard.