At TaleMed, we understand that the compliance process for traveling health professionals can sometimes seem a formidable process.

Our compliance department goes through continual training in order to provide each healthcare professional with the most respectful, helpful and efficient service possible. We believe that with clear communication and a few tips, the process of becoming compliant for an upcoming assignment can go smoothly and swiftly.

The Compliance Process and Key Requirements

Below is information on the general process and key requirements for becoming compliant for a travel assignment with TaleMed.

We require our travelers to have a new background and drug screen run for each new assignment or every year, whichever comes first.

  • Background Screen

    In order for the background report to be completed in a timely manner, it is very helpful to sign up for it as soon as possible.

    To sign up, please click here and complete each section so that all sections turn from yellow to green.

    Please make sure the W-4/Permanent Tax address is used.

  • Drug Screen

    Your TaleMed Assignment Coordinator will get you set up at a clinic to complete your drug screen along with any additional medical items needed. Drug screen results can take several days to come back, so completing the drug screen quickly can greatly shorten the time it takes to become compliant.

  • Certifications

    TaleMed requires that each healthcare professional who accepts an assignment possesses a Basic Life Support (BLS) certification completed through the American Heart Association (AHA).

    Additional certifications may be required based on specialty and facility requirements. Because of this, we recommend sending in the front AND back of all certifications currently possessed.  Please ensure that all certifications with a signature line are signed.  If an Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) or Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification is required they must also be completed through the American Heart Association (AHA).

  • Identifications

    At least two forms of identification are required for each healthcare professional’s compliance file.

    • A copy of the front and the back of a current driver’s license is required for each healthcare professional.
    • Whichever forms of identification are used to complete the I-9 form must be on file.
    • Several facilities will also require a copy of each healthcare professional’s social security card.

  • Medical Records

    We recommend that all medical documents be printed on clinic letterhead. Some facilities require the information on the letterhead include the name, address, and phone number of the clinic where the service was completed. We have additional notes below on our required medical documents:

    • MMR – Record of 2 dates of vaccination OR positive titers for Mumps, Rubella and Rubeola with lab results documentation is required.
    • Varicella – Record of at least 2 dates of vaccination OR a positive titer with lab results documentation is required (history of the disease is NOT acceptable).
    • Hepatitis B – Record of a properly spaced 3 shot vaccination series OR a positive titer with lab results documentation OR a Signed Declination (not accepted at all hospitals) is required.
    • TB Testing – TaleMed requires a TB skin test (PPD) or a TB blood test be completed within 365 days prior to the assignment start date.
    • With increasing regularity, some facilities are requiring 2 TB skin (PPD) tests – the first test within 365 days prior to start date and a second test completed within 30 days prior to start date. In lieu of the skin tests the facility will generally accept a blood test within 365 days of your start date.
    • TB Skin Test – Must be read 48-72 hours after placement. The report must show the date and time administered, date and time read, and the induration in mm.
      With a positive PPD test, a chest x-ray and a copy of the positive test are required.
    • TB Blood Test – Most facilities require the test to include lab results with reference ranges.

  • Physical Exam

    A pre-employment physical completed by an MD, NP, PA, or DO is required annually.  The exam report must state that the patient is in good health, without evidence of a communicable disease and able to fully function in his/her profession.  The exam report should include the doctor or clinic’s office information.

  • Flu Vaccination

    TaleMed’s flu season runs October 1-April 1. TaleMed requires records of a flu shot administered during this time. In order to decline the flu vaccination, a signed declination is required. Many facilities only accept declinations due to religious or medical reasons. A note from a religious leader or physician may be required for declination to be accepted.

Being Proactive Means Faster Start Dates

Having the above items ready for your compliance coordinator can speed up the process and allow for faster start dates. In addition, you can send these documents to your staffing coordinator before you are contacted by Compliance. Remember, it’s never too early to start building your profile.

We’re Always Here For You

Your compliance coordinator is always happy to speak with you and help in any way possible. Do not hesitate to call or email them anytime!