How Compliance Supports Our Travel Professionals

When working as a travel healthcare professional, the compliance process can be a source of anxiety. It can feel overwhelming with all the necessary documentation and details.

However, if you’re with TaleMed, you’re in good hands. The TaleMed Compliance department continually refines our procedures, ensuring that the transition into your next assignment is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The Process

Our extraordinary Compliance team segments the process into 5 key requirements:

  1. Background Screening/Drug Screening
  2. Licensing/Certifications
  3. Competency Testing
  4. HR Documentation
  5. Medical Records

The TaleMed Difference

You might be wondering, “I’ve been through compliance processes before. What makes TaleMed any different?” The answer to the question is multifaceted and has to do with our emphasis on core values.

When you work with TaleMed, you become part of our family. This means you are more than just a number, and team members are available to help you every step of the way. You will have the opportunity to build a relationship with not only your recruiter, but your representative from the Compliance department as well.

Compliance Operations Director Ashley Watts says one of TaleMed’s major goals is to get their nurses and healthcare professionals started on time, while still taking the opportunity to build a supportive relationship backed by innovative technology.

“Our recruiters and onboarding coordinators start the pre-compliance process as soon as possible so we can hit the ground running when we officially start the compliance process. This way our healthcare professionals have as much time as possible to complete the documentation and get started on-time.”

For More Information

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