Santa Rosa is the unbeaten path to all that’s well-known and yet still undiscovered about Northern California. Endless outdoor activities under pristine, sea-to-sky, Northern California sunshine. A handcrafted culture at the leading edge of everything from microbrews to maker fairs. The hub of American cycling, on road and off. A foodie paradise without the pretense. In the heart of wine country, but with an active urban subculture. Santa Rosa is a place for those whose cravings for adventure go beyond the conventional.

Dining & Nightlife

Drakes Sonoma Coast Kitchen
Drakes Sonoma Coast Kitchen celebrates the local bounty of Sonoma's spectacular coastal region. Your dining experience is highlighted by the seasonal availability of local, sustainably farmed produce, seafood, and meats. With a large stone fireplace as its centerpiece, the warm, casual ambiance of the restaurant features panoramic views of Bodega Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Open for breakfast and dinner, Drakes Sonoma Coast Kitchen is the perfect place to start or finish your day.
Jeffrey's Hillside Café
Jeffrey Madura found the perfect location tucked away at the Hillside Inn and created a cozy little spot for delicious breakfast and lunch cuisine, as a result Jeffrey's Hillside Café opened September 21, 2009. Located on the property of the Hillside Inn, Jeffrey's Hillside Cafe, offers delicious, fresh, local produce, dairy and meat from all around the Bay Area. Open 7 days a week, from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Kendall - Jackson Winery
Kendall-Jackson Vineyard Estates is a vineyard and winery, under the Kendall-Jackson brand, located in Santa Rosa, California in the Sonoma Valley wine country. As of 2010 Kendall-Jackson was the highest-selling brand of "super-premium" wine (an industry term referring to wine retailing for more than $15 per bottle) in the United States.

Activities & Recreation

Safari West
Safari West is a renowned 400-acre (160 ha) private wildlife preserve located in Sonoma County, California, United States. The selection of wildlife emphasizes species native to Africa, including giraffes, rhinoceros, cape buffalo, watusi cattle, cheetahs, zebras, hyenas, primates and numerous species of birds. The park engages in research, education, conservation, and breeding programs that, through exchanges with other zoos and parks, keep the gene pool healthy for the species that are involved in the program. The park is also home to species that are extinct in the wild.
Santa Rosa Wine Trail Cycle
Come explore the beautiful wineries of Western Sonoma County on our Santa Rosa Wine Trail bike tour. Travel on trails and bike paths to the coolest parts of Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. This tour introduces you to the beautiful Western Sonoma Region. Beginning in Santa Rosa, this tour continues along secluded bike trails to the charming town Sebastopol and beyond.
6th Street Playhouse
6th Street Playhouse is a performing arts theater that engages, entertains and inspires a diverse community. We do this by consistently producing plays, musicals, and educational programs that are of the highest quality and reach the broadest possible constituency.