October is National Physical Therapy Month

Celebrating Our Physical Therapists and Their Essential Work

October is National Physical Therapy Month, and we would like to take a moment to thank all physical therapists (PTs) for their dedication to healing.

Each year the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) looks to promote the overall benefits of physicalOctober is National Physical Therapy Month therapy (PT) as well as spotlight a particular health issue. This year, the association wants to raise awareness of the opioid crisis and how PTs can help with pain management.

The opioid crisis harms both families and our economy. According to APTA:

  • 42,000 people died in the US from an opioid overdose (more than 17,000 from prescription opioids) in 2016
  • Misused prescription opioids cost the healthcare system and our companies nearly $600 billion each year

Physical therapists strive each day to make a difference. While many people consider PTs as working primarily with orthopedic issues, they can also help patients struggling with opioid addictions. PTs create custom pain management programs that include hands-on therapy, exercise, stress management, sleep assistance and education.

“Opioid use doesn’t treat the pain, it masks it,” explains TaleMed Clinical Director Susan Abbott. “Instead, patients can benefit from a variety of PT strategies. Those strategies include stretching, ice and heat, massage, electrical nerve stimulation and ultrasound. PTs use them in combination to offer relief – blocking what brains perceive as pain.”

For this month and beyond, TaleMed salutes the hard work of our travel PTs and the more than 204,000 licensed PTs in the U.S. Thank you for helping patients with pain management, arthritis, osteoporosis, brain injuries, diabetes, cancer-related complications and so much more.

Are you a PT who’d like to travel?

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