A case study: Jeanie helped guide her team through the Joint Commission review process.

Case Study: Guiding OR Staff through The Joint Commission Review Process

At TaleMed, we partner with public and private facilities to deliver travel nursing and allied health professionals who are fully vetted to bring the knowledge, skill and integrity patients deserve.


A Missouri hospital did not receive any qualified applicants for an OR manager position. The OR manager needed to be a highly qualified leader who could guide the staff through The Joint Commission process and possess exceptional interpersonal skills to motivate discouraged employees.


The hospital turned to TaleMed to provide an interim OR manager. One of our Team Leads posted the position as a Hot Job and reviewed numerous applications. TaleMed’s Clinical Director performed prescreening interviews to determine the clinical qualifications of each potential employee. For the second round, TaleMed’s Senior Director of Client Services for the Missouri hospital interviewed a smaller applicant pool to determine who would be good leaders for the facility.

The Team Lead then submitted three prospects to the facility for their interview. The hospital selected Jeanie, an experienced nurse manager. Jeanie had most recently served as a nurse manager in a Wilmington Beach, NC hospital that closed due to Hurricane Florence.


Jeanie immediately worked to motivate and develop trust and camaraderie with the nursing staff. She arranged off-site gatherings and brought pizza and massages. She also provided professional advice and personal motivation. Within two weeks, the team was a stronger, more cohesive unit.

To help prepare for the Joint Commission review, Jeanie reviewed and revised all policies, procedures and protocols the Joint Commission requested for their Document Review session. Throughout the process, she involved her staff and educated them on all the updates. Her OR nurses were thoroughly prepared for the Joint Commission survey, drawing praise and congratulations from a hospital Vice President.

The hospital and Jeanie are now working on her extending her assignment at the hospital.

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