Boosting Your Travel Independence

How to Embrace Your Travel Independence

If you’re an adventurous sort or just looking for something new, check out travel nursing! Moving to new assignments every 13 weeks or so demands independence. And this is a great way to spread your wings and increase your self-confidence—with new experiences, people and cities, you will be amazed how self-sufficient you are on your own. Consider the top five ways travel nursing can help you develop your comfort level as a free, independent individual. You just may surprise yourself!

Maybe you’re someone who prefers to lean on the company of others—and this is something you’d like to work on. If so, the following travel nurse advantages will help you decide why to be a travel nurse:

  1. Navigate a new city. Knowing how to get around can be very empowering. From maps to GPS to public transportation—it’s much different being a driver than a passenger. On your own, you will learn all about the routes and destinations in the city of your choosing. Then, if you decide to come back, you’ll be able to play tour guide.
  2. Embrace evolving technology. There’s an app for just about everything—from finding local hot spots to the nearest coffee shop to working out in the comfort of your own apartment, and much more. As a travel nurse, you can harness the power of your smartphone and put all your apps to the test. Plus, keeping up with loved ones back home is also easier with technology—FaceTime, Skype, microblogging and social media are just a few examples of technology you can use.
  3. Increase your social skills. As you gain independence with travel nursing, you’ll frequently find yourself in situations where you must work with people you’ve only just met. You’ll be able to develop your ability to introduce yourself and make small talk with others. You can also strengthen your emotional intelligence—in other words, your ability to interpret and react to people’s emotions through their words and body language.
  4. Run your own household. Don’t feel like doing the laundry today or prefer to have cereal for dinner? As the head of our very own household, you’re in charge! You can decorate as you see fit, watch whatever you prefer on TV and do what you please when you’re off the clock. However, you’re also in charge of budgeting and paying your bills—and if you’ve never had this responsibility before, it’s a great learning experience.
  5. Call the shots on your future. Where do YOU want to travel next? By working with your travel nurse RN, you can find placements in the best cities for travel nurses. You’ll be able to decide where you’d like to go and cross destinations off your bucket list.

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