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Integrate Travel Nurses Into Your Team

Onboarding Tips for Travel Nurses

Your number one goal with onboarding is maintaining your hospital’s care standards without missing a beat. You’ve hired Minneapolis travel nurses to cover any gaps you may be experiencing in your hospital staff—and you want productivity and high-quality care to continue. So if you’re wondering how to onboard travel nurses, it begins right after they’ve accepted your employment offer!

Benefits of successful travel nurse onboarding

Short-term travel assignments mean your new travel RNs don’t have much time to get up to speed—they need to be able to jump in on very short notice! The good news is, travel nurses are experts at this. But you can help ease the process with a few travel nurse onboarding tips. When you know how to integrate travel RNs, it helps them feel comfortable with their new healthcare team and understand what’s expected of them—so they can deliver.

The best ways to integrate travel nurses

Your onboarding process should be efficient—fast but thorough. Be sure to include all of the following:

  • Important documents. This includes a company handbook, tax forms, corporate policies, facility layout and even a parking badge.
  • A productivity plan. Your healthcare team staffing will work like a well-oiled machine when your temporary travel RNs know their roles and what is expected of them. Provide a written plan during their first week at your hospital.
  • Introductions. During a travel nurse’s first week, take them around to the departments where they’ll be working the most and introduce them to other members of the healthcare team. Breaking the ice makes it much easier for a travel nurse to ease into their new position.
  • A job mentor. When orientation and onboarding are complete, where can your travel nurses go with questions? An on-the-job mentor ensures nurses’ questions are answered, so they can get all the help they need to do the best job possible.

Minneapolis travel nurse staffing

Travel nurses are a valuable option for maintaining a full healthcare staff for fluctuating dips in your staffing level. And you can maximize this relationship by giving your nurses all the training, information and contacts they’ll need for success at your hospital. Your travel nurse recruiter is a key partner for everything you’ll need—and will help you ensure your travel RNs are up to speed and ready to go in no time.

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