Why Should I Partner With a Travel Nursing Staffing Provider?

If you’re in need of nurses at your hospital, a travel healthcare staffing agency can help. Staffing with travel nurses offers you flexibility, savings and convenience—and makes it much easier to staff up than searching on your own for new nurses. If you’re wondering why to work with travel RN recruiters, check out these five tips!

Advantages of a travel nursing staffing provider

Picture it: You’re working with a skeleton crew and your full-time nurses are quickly edging towards burnout. You need to keep your hospital running, and you want to hire travel nurses. Working with a healthcare staffing agency makes your job much easier as an employer. Here’s why:

  1. Fill hard-to-fill positions. Recruiters have access to comprehensive databases and talent pools that include both active and passive candidates. This means you have a much easier time locating skilled nurses to staff for hard-to-fill nursing positions.
  2. Save time and money hiring nurses. The hiring process can be long and frustrating. But travel staffing agencies are experts at what they do. So rather than wonder how to find travel nurses, you can put your staffing search in the hands of the experts—making it much faster and easier to find the nurses you need!
  3. Cover staffing gaps temporarily. Maybe you have staff out on maternity leave or disability. You know you’re short-handed only for a limited time. With travel nurses, that’s OK! You have the flexibility to staff up temporarily and avoid the long-term costs associated with a full-time permanent hire. Your travel nurse staffing agency will work with you for a staffing strategy that fits.
  4. Avoid employee turnover. Depending on how long you’ve been short-staffed, your permanent nurses may not stick around until you find new hires. But working with a recruiter, you can cut down on the time to find, interview and onboard new travel nurses—preserving your full-time staff.
  5. Find skilled, dependable nurses. When you’re in search of Brooklyn travel nurses, your travel RN recruiter will handle all required screening. This includes locating a nurse who matches your talent profile and your hospital culture, including all background checks. You’ll be placed with reliable nurses to complement your current nursing staff.

Brooklyn travel RN staffing solutions

In cities across the country, from Brooklyn to San Diego and everywhere in between, you can rely on the services of TaleMed. As one of the best healthcare staffing agencies in the market, our talented recruiters will help you find and place the travel nurses candidates to round out your hospital staff. To learn more, contact our healthcare recruiting professionals today!