Recruiter Training

Forming Success within Recruiter Training

Brad Baumer — Recruiter Training with Humility and Respect

Brad Baumer expects the same thing from the TaleMed recruiters he trains as he did from his fellow teammates back in his soccer days — accountability. He’s served as TaleMed’s Recruiting Development Manager since June 2019 and has taken that idea of accountability and paid it forward.

“We have a saying at TaleMed. Love me enough to tell me I have lettuce in my teeth,” Brad says. “I want people to tell me If I’m not doing something quite right. I expect the same thing of everyone else.”

Relying on Your Teammates

Brad’s mom and three of his five siblings are all nurses — his mom and one sister are lactation consultants, his other sister works in the NICU and his brother is a med-surg nurse. “It makes for some interesting conversations at Thanksgiving,” he laughs. “Growing up in that world made me want to teach people about the medical industry. TaleMed has given me that opportunity.”

Before TaleMed, his world was soccer. He attended Cincinnati State on an athletic scholarship and played there for two years before transferring to Thomas More where he played an additional two years. Brad eventually found his way to the University of Cincinnati where he graduated with B.A. in Communication.

“That time of my life taught me about being responsible for my actions,” he says. “I started off at Cincinnati State as an 18-year-old guy living in an apartment on my own. Being on teams kept me in line because I knew my teammates relied on me.”

Replicating Your Success

Brad started at TaleMed in 2014 as a Staffing Specialist. “I think I was one of four recruiters and the 13th employee hired,” he says. “I’ve been here through it all.” He became a Staffing Team Manager in 2015 and has continued rising in the ranks of our growing company.

Recruiter Training

“All the recruiters used to work in one room,” Brad remembers. “Training was easy because we had each other. You could sit in on a call and ask questions. But over time, we developed recruiting teams with seven or eight team leads.”

Brad believed TaleMed’s recruiters – and their healthcare professionals – would benefit from a more standardized training program. Brad communicated this to Steve Williams, Director of Sales and Recruiting for TaleMed. That’s when TaleMed created the Recruiting Development Manager position.

In this new role he’s found unique ways to synthesize his life and professional experiences along with TaleMed’s core values of Respect, Innovation, Consistency, Humility, Excellence and Resilience. “Those six ideas kept coming up when we were a smaller company,” he says.

He combines his lifelong passion for healthcare and belief in accountability with two values in particular — respect and humility.

“Ken and Libby Tracy saw something in me and gave me the tools I needed to better myself,” he says. “I want to replicate that with recruiters by training them to be even better than me. There’s nothing better than seeing someone succeed.”

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