Meet the TaleMed Job Order Team

TaleMed’s Job Order Team ― Where It All Begins TaleMed is a well-oiled machine with many important moving parts. One of the less obvious, but vital, moving parts is our job order team. Wonder what a job order is? A job order is a job posting from one of our hospital clients, sometimes called a

Forming Success within Recruiter Training

Brad Baumer — Recruiter Training with Humility and Respect Brad Baumer expects the same thing from the TaleMed recruiters he trains as he did from his fellow teammates back in his soccer days — accountability. He’s served as TaleMed’s Recruiting Development Manager since June 2019 and has taken that idea of accountability and paid it

Why We Chose Innovation as Our Second Core Value

Keeping the Spirit of Innovation Alive Every Day Innovation: The action or process of innovating; a new method, idea, product, etc. TaleMed shows innovation in the way that we build our company culture within the office. Our six core values — Respect, Innovation, Consistency, Humility, Excellence and Resilience — drive our vision of how we

Always Learning Something New as a Travel CST/CVOR Tech

Learning and Expanding Your Skills Marcella W. was always interested in the body and bones. Or, as she puts it, “The blood and guts.” While attending community college, she worked at a physical therapist’s office. During that time, she started to wonder about surgery. What happens in a patient’s healthcare experience before they get to

The Award-Winning Travel Nurse Who Found Her Passion

Jacklynn J. was shocked when she found out she’d won a DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. “I wasn’t expecting it at all,” she says. The DAISY Foundation honors nurses who shine in their jobs every day. According to Ben Rascona, Jackie’s recruiter at TaleMed, she has done just that. “ Jackie represents TaleMed and our

Making the Right Career Moves for this Award-Winning Nurse

Rhonda C.’s faced with a dilemma when her kids were very young. Recently widowed, she needed a way to support her family. “I’d always been interested in nursing,” she says. “So, I went back to school.” Years later, after working as a labor and delivery nurse and nurse practitioner, she decided it was time for

Traveling as an IR Tech

Making the Five-Year Plan Work First-time IR Tech traveler Brooke G. knows her way around a healthcare facility. She began her career in housekeeping at ProMedica in her hometown of Toledo, OH. While at ProMedica, she decided to go to X-ray school and looked forward to doing hands-on work with patients and learning more by

Becoming a Certified Surgical Technologist

Getting Where You Want to Be What can be better than relaxing on the beach with your dog? That’s where travel Certified Surgical Technologist Katelyn B. is right now, and she couldn’t be happier. “If you want to live your best life with your dog, on the beach in California in the middle of winter,

From Rad Tech to TaleMed Recruiter

TaleMed Allied Health recruiter Sarah Maxwell loved being a Rad Tech. As a Rad Tech, she could combine her interest in diagnostics with being a people person. After earning an Associate’s degree in Radiology at Shawnee State University, she worked for more than five years at Highland District Hospital in her hometown of Hillsboro, Ohio.

Traveling as a Medical Technologist

Learning to Let Go of Expectations Ruth H. always wanted to study science, but she also wanted to help people. By becoming a medical technologist, she combined both of her passions. Med techs are allied health professionals who test and analyze blood, other body fluids and tissue samples. Ruth earned a BS in medical technology

Travel Nursing Combines Two Passions

Hidden Beauty in Unexpected Places Growing up in Georgia, Kayla A. always wanted to be a nurse. She went to nursing school straight out of high school and, five years ago, started working in an Adult and Pediatric Level 1 Trauma center. Her other ambition, however, was to travel. Travel nursing offered an opportunity to

How the Journey as a Travel Nurse Began

TaleMed Helps Chase Your Dreams Nicholas L.’s original dream was to go straight from nursing school to working in an operating room. Unfortunately, that was nearly impossible in San Diego. “There were veterans there who had been nursing 20 to 30 years,” Nick says. “So, I packed up my bags and moved to South Dakota.”

Why We Chose Respect as Our First Core Value

Respect: A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements.  TaleMed shows respect for healthcare professionals by replying to correspondence in a very timely manner. Our six core values — Respect, Innovation, Consistency, Humility, Excellence and Resilience — drive our vision of how we do business every day.

How Compliance Supports Our Travel Professionals

When working as a travel healthcare professional, the compliance process can be a source of anxiety. It can feel overwhelming with all the necessary documentation and details. However, if you’re with TaleMed, you’re in good hands. The TaleMed Compliance department continually refines our procedures, ensuring that the transition into your next assignment is as smooth

Experience the Easy Living of the Midwest

Many travel nursing opportunities now available. Get your OH license for free from TaleMed! Good news! Ohio made it simpler to get an RN license. It now takes under 10 business days to go live. There are so many benefits of working in the Buckeye State – in addition to license reimbursement: Great teaching and

Meet the Travel Nurse who Does it All—Reilly H.

Independent. Caring. Flexible. These are just a few of the words TaleMed recruiter Brad Baumer uses to describe travel nurse Reilly H. “She really is the best of the best,” he said. Reilly H. grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado, a small town on the Western Slope. Reilly discovered her passion for the medical field

Beth H. on Becoming a Travel Nurse Later in Life

Beth H. decided travel nursing was right for her when she was 53. Before that fateful decision, she worked at a single facility for 32 years in the OR, as a PACU nurse, an OR Circulator and a charge nurse. From a small town in Virginia’s southwest corner, she and her husband, Marty, have 4

Learn How Skye S. is Living Out Her Dreams!

Skye S. grew up in Crescent City, a small town in North Florida, and she always dreamed of seeing the world. From the beginning, she knew she wanted to be a travel nurse! Skye’s mom was also a nurse and suggested she try alternate career paths. But Skye knew travel nursing was the right fit

New States eNLC Go Into Effect July 1

More opportunities to travel with a Kansas, Louisiana, or Indiana RN license As of today, July 1, three news states have implemented the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact. Kansas and Louisiana passed laws earlier that created a July 1 effective date. Indiana just recently passed their legislation, with an effective date of July 1. The processes

This Nurse Knows How to Get the Most Out of Her Travel Assignments

Katy C. was ready to set out and explore the country, and what she found was her “tramily” along the way. She started her adventures as a rapid response TaleMed travel nurse four years ago, after graduating nursing school with a bachelor’s degree. Since beginning her travel career, Katy has traveled to a variety of

The Nurse Who Knows How to Travel Big While Living Tiny

Emily T. may just be one of the most interesting nurses at TaleMed. Emily grew up in East Tennessee and got her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at East Tennessee State University. After college, she decided it was time to see the world. Now she’s been to 12 countries and has more than 4,000 followers

How to Specialize as a Radiologic Technologist

The field of Radiologic Technology is projected to grow 21 percent from 2012 to 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. By earning a specialized certification, you can stand out as a job candidate and be a valuable part of this growth. Step 1: What specialty is the best fit for you? Once

How to Prepare for your First Travel Assignment as a Healthcare Professional

As a first-time travel healthcare professional, the prospect of moving to a new and unfamiliar place can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. With our handy list, you can make the transition easier and get the most out of your new adventure. What Should I Pack? Clothing: You’ll be wearing your scrubs or work uniform while

How Becoming a Telemetry Nurse Can Help Your Career

Telemetry nurses live a fast-paced life. Experience in this specialty can boost a young nurse’s career. For a nurse specializing in another unit, it can provide a different experience and a new way of seeing nursing. What Can Telemetry Nursing Offer You? Cardiac Patient Interaction Telemetry nurses work in a challenging environment, but it’s an

How Travel Nurses Can Best Work with a Nurse Manager

When working in a variety of assignments and facility locations, it’s easy to have misconceptions regarding a nurse manager. Do any of these comments on a unit sound familiar? “She never looks stressed so she must not do anything.” “He’s always in his office, so he can’t be working half as hard as me on

TaleMed Presents Our First DAISY Award Winners

TaleMed is proud to announce our first DAISY Awards! The family of J. Patrick Barnes established the awards in 1999 in honor of the excellent nursing care he received during his battle with the auto-immune disease Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). And now as a DAISY Award healthcare staffing company partner, we honor two of our

How the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact Breaks down Barriers

In our increasingly mobile world, changes to medicine and education and the increasing demand for travel healthcare has generated a need for professionals to be able to practice across multiple states with minimal constraints. The result? Interstate licensure compacts for physicians, nurses and physical therapists. On April 25, 2017 the Federation of State Boards of

TaleMed’s Dedication to Allied Health Careers

TaleMed specializes in placing travel healthcare professionals all across the United States. We’ve recently placed more focus on allied health professionals. Distinct from nursing, there are over 1 million allied health professionals currently employed in the U.S., including: Physical therapists Surgical technologists Speech language pathologists Medical social workers Diagnostic medical sonographers Medical technologists Occupational therapists

Sticking with TaleMed to Travel the Country

Heidi has been a travel nurse for eight and a half years and started working for TaleMed six years ago. “Once you find a good job,” she says, currently working in St. Louis, “you don’t want to bounce around.” Staying with TaleMed has enabled her to take assignments all over the country, including Georgia, New

Case Study: Guiding OR Staff through The Joint Commission Review Process

At TaleMed, we partner with public and private facilities to deliver travel nursing and allied health professionals who are fully vetted to bring the knowledge, skill and integrity patients deserve. Problem A Missouri hospital did not receive any qualified applicants for an OR manager position. The OR manager needed to be a highly qualified leader

The Demand for Nursing and What It Means for You

The wave of retiring nurses means one of two things: a larger patient population to take care or an influx of open nursing position. But what some reports have called a crisis can have a silver lining for many younger nurses. According to research, the number of nurses needed in the US over the

Three Steps to Resolving Clinical Issues

Working in fast-paced work environments such as healthcare facilities creates stress. Increased stress can then create additional problems, such as employee-to-employee and employee-to-manager conflicts. Conflicts happen, but they need to be resolved appropriately and efficiently. Do not let the problem fester. Fix it – both for the needs of your patients and for your professional

What is my tax home? And why should I care?

As you try to make the most out of the potentially tax-free money you receive as a travel healthcare professional, two terms probably keep popping up. Permanent residence and tax home. What do these terms mean and how do they affect tax-free reimbursement? Let’s start by defining them: Permanent residence: A place of residence that

Take the Adventures of a Lifetime with TaleMed

Kelli was enjoying her nursing career in Fort Lauderdale, but a colleague’s encouragement and one phone call changed her life. Working for seven years in a neurotrauma intensive care unit, Kelli loved her position – and traveling as much as possible. When hospital management wanted to promote her, a friend suggested another option for her

Celebrating Our Physical Therapists and Their Essential Work

October is National Physical Therapy Month, and we would like to take a moment to thank all physical therapists (PTs) for their dedication to healing. Each year the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) looks to promote the overall benefits of physical therapy (PT) as well as spotlight a particular health issue. This year, the association

How to Evaluate Travel Nurse Compensation Packages

It’s always exciting to get the job offer that you’ve been working on into your hands. When you receive an offer from TaleMed, you’re not just getting a job, you’re joining our family! But we understand that before you commit, you need to process the package or you might be comparing it to offers from

Your Answers to the 3 Most Common Travel Nursing Contract Questions

Congratulations! You aced your interview, and you received your next (or first!) assignment as a travel healthcare professional. Now it’s time for the next step – signing the contract. We know it’s easy to skim through a document, but it’s important to carefully review all the terms. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your recruiter

Keep the Rhythm to Earn Compliance

You’re excited about your upcoming traveling nurse assignment. Everything is almost wrapped: You’ve cleared the background and drug screenings. Your medical records, physical exam and flu vaccination are all in order. But there’s one final item you’re kind of dreading: Passing the ECG dysrhythmia test. Even if you’ve passed a TaleMed ECG test previously, some

How Does a Dual Submittal Form Save the Day?

You’re in the middle of looking for your next traveling assignment when a hiccup happens. Your profile actually got submitted twice for the same job. This actually happens a lot in the industry, and here’s typically what happens: There’s a job at a hospital in a beautiful place that you would absolutely love to take.

5 Ways to Save Money on Assignment and Still have a Blast

You’re a travel nurse in a new city and you want to make the most of it without breaking the bank in the process. Life “on the road” can be a hugely exciting way to gain valuable work experience while making great money. However, it can also be challenging when it comes to making smart

Experience the Beauty and Opportunity of the Bay State – Massachusetts

Many travel nursing opportunities now available. Get your MA license for free from TaleMed! The sixth state to join our country is now a great destination for travel nurses. That’s because state leaders are working on nursing profession reforms to lower the nurse-patient ratio. With these reforms, nurses will be able to spend more of

Great Jobs Available in Beautiful Washington State

You could get your Washington license for free! Travel nursing opportunities abound in Washington State. If you’ve never been to Washington, you’re missing out on one of the country’s most beautiful states. Whether you’re hiking through one of three major national parks, crab fishing in Puget Sound or taking in the spectacular view from the

Kansas officially joins eNLC on July 1

More opportunities to travel with a Kansas license On April 10, 2018, Gov. Jeff Colyer signed a bill making Kansas the 30th member of the eNLC.  Kansas’ eNLC implementation date is July 1, 2019. That means if you obtained a license from any one of these 30 states, your license is now valid in all

How About Making the “The Heart of It All” Your Next Home?

Ohio may not have the population growth of Arizona or the amenities of Colorado, but that doesn’t mean the Buckeye State isn’t a great place to hang your hat. From great healthcare to the delectable Graeter’s Ice Cream, Ohio has something for everyone. TaleMed can take you there! There are a number of outstanding options

To Our Nurses Who Are Also Moms  

Being a nurse can be challenging at times. Being a nurse AND a mother, even more so. In honor of Mother’s Day, we want you to know… We see the many times you went in early and stayed late because the hospital was short staffed. We see the times you powered through after working the

Celebrating Our Nurses – Today and Everyday

Nurses are the heart and soul of any hospital care team and a vital part of our TaleMed family. They are also often the key determining factor in a patient’s overall hospital experience. Unless you or a loved one has spent time in a hospital, you might not fully understand the difference a good nurse

Tips for Making a Smooth Transition to a New Assignment

When it comes to travel nursing, adaptability goes with the territory. Whether you’re moving to a new state, new hospital, or a just an unfamiliar unit within the same facility, the transition can feel overwhelming and stressful at times. But as the saying goes, growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. Exciting experiences and opportunities

To Float or Not to Float

Ask any experienced travel nurse and they’ll tell you that at some point, you’ll likely be asked to float. Unfortunately, “floating” has become the organic chemistry equivalent for the working RN – a real angst-inducer. I know it’s uncomfortable to float. I’ve been there. However, if you want to expand your skill set, hone your

Have Squeaky Toy, Will Travel

Taking your beloved Pet along with you on your next travel nursing assignment has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some things to consider when making the decision to road trip with Rex and his squeaky toy. Benefits of Traveling with Pets They’re the best fix for loneliness Traveling to a new, strange city can

Day Shift or Night Shift? What’s the Difference?

When considering options for a travel nursing position, there are many things to take into account. Where do you want to work? Which hospitals are hiring? What unit/department would you like to be in? Another thing to think about is whether you’d like to work the day shift or night shift. Here are some things

The 411 on RN Walkthrough Licensing States

Picture this…You’re an RN, licensed in Ohio, who has decided to give travel nursing a whirl. Your recruiter has found you your dream job in Arizona. Not only is the position in your unit of choice but it also has the added bonus of getting you closer to your retired parents. But there’s a problem. The

“Just Checking In…”

The world is filled with bustling, busy people – and travel nurses are no exception. That’s why technology is such a beautiful thing. That is, until you crash into a lamppost while text-walking. Then it’s an embarrassing, somewhat painful thing. We can connect with family, friends and business associates anytime with a quick text, instant

eNLC News: Colorado & New Mexico Approve New Compact

Exciting News! Colorado & New Mexico have joined the eNLC  What does it mean for you? Colorado & New Mexico joining the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) means more opportunity for you! Gov. John Hickenlooper’s signing of the new bill expands the nursing pool in Colorado to include nurses from all 29 eNLC states, and

eNLC News: Wisconsin Approves New Compact

The state government in Wisconsin announced last week that it will join the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). What does it mean for you? Fifteen years ago, the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) was created to make it possible for many nurses to travel and practice in multiple states across the country. Twenty-five states made up

Part 1: Changes to Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC to eNLC)

Purple States: Your state has joined the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) What does it mean for you? Fifteen years ago, the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) was created to make it possible for many nurses to travel and practice in multiple states across the country. Twenty-five states made up the original NLC. A primary reason

Part 2: Changes to Nurse Licensure Compact (Rhode Island)

Orange States: The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) is Changing Fifteen years ago, the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) was created to make it possible for many nurses to travel and practice in multiple states across the country. Twenty-five states made up the original NLC. However, a primary reason that some states hesitated to join the compact

Part 3: Changes to Nurse Licensure Compact (New to the eNLC)

Teal States: New States Have Joined the Multi-State License Fifteen years ago, the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) was created to make it possible for many nurses to travel and practice in multiple states across the country. Twenty-five states made up the original NLC. Nurses benefit in many ways from a multistate license: It’s cost effective

Part 4: Changes to Nurse Licensure Compact (Non-compact states)

Gray & Dark Blue States: The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) is Changing Fifteen years ago, the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) was created to make it possible for many nurses to travel and practice in multiple states across the country. Twenty-five states made up the original NLC. A primary reason cited for states hesitant to join

Introducing Impacting Tomorrow

Impacting Tomorrow: A TaleMed Community Action Platform TaleMed is proud to announce the launch of Impacting Tomorrow; a community action platform designed to be the vehicle in which we as a company will impact the world both locally and globally. Impacting Tomorrow will aid TaleMed in having a positive impact on others. It serves as a

Impacting Tomorrow: TaleMed’s Inaugural Mission to a Better World

Impacting Tomorrow: “Striving to impact the world today to build a better tomorrow.” From the very beginning, TaleMed has been acutely aware of our ability to quite literally Impact Tomorrow. There is a sense of duty attached to our business practices; to give back to the communities that surround us and make a difference in the

How to Prepare for an Assignment: Housing

Partof travel nursing is finding somewhere to stay while on assignment. Before you embark on your travel assignment to sunny Savannah, GA, you’ll need to make an important decision about where to live. Whether you’re a minimalist or prefer all the comforts of home while away, you have many options for housing. By working with

Wellness For Nurses: Don’t Underestimate The Importance of Nutrition

You are what you eat! You’ve heard this old adage time and again, but it’s true your body needs the right fuel to be strong and healthy. Your wellness directly impacts the care you provide your patients—and they’re relying on you to take good care of yourself! Still, healthy eating can seem boring and even

Central Brazil Mission – Project Amazonas: Christ, Life, and Health

Central Brazil Mission Central Brazil Mission is a faith based mission that falls in line with TaleMed dedication to support our local and global communities in any way we can. The Central Brazil Mission – Project Amazonas: Christ, Life, and Health was founded seventeen years ago by Earl and Ruth Anne Hauber. CBM is a

How Can We Ensure the Success of Nurses on Assignment?

Thorough onboarding is critical to the productivity of your travel nurses—as well as the health of your bottom line. Research has shown that an employee will decide to stay with (or leave) a company within his or her first six months of employment—making adequate onboarding critical to avoid the cost of employee turnover. Give your travel nurses

Enter Our Photo Contest

TaleMed is pleased to announce our 2017 Calendar Photo Contest! We put health care professionals on assignment to do the work they love – in places they fall in love with. We want to help all travel health care professionals find their place, by seeing the places you have fallen in love with. Submit photos

The Travel Nurse Community

  Feeling anxious about your upcoming travel nurse assignment? You needn’t be, but it’s natural to have a few nervous butterflies in your stomach—especially if this is your first, or one of your first, travel placements. But whether your travel assignment will take you to Brooklyn or anywhere else in the country, there’s good news:

TaleMed Internship Experience Q&A: Mallory

About Mallory: Mallory has been an intern at TaleMed for 4 months while on summer break from the University of Cincinnati. She is a 4th year senior at UC majoring in Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. TaleMed has a presence each semester at the UC Fall and Spring Career Fairs; Mallory met a TaleMed

Questions All Travel Nurses Should Know

Helpful Interview Questions (Always interview to receive an offer) How large is the facility/unit/department? Is the facility private, community or teaching? What are the typical diagnoses and ages of patients seen in the facility? How far is the housing from the facility? (If the facility is providing housing) What hours will I be working, rotating?

TaleMed’s Helpful Links

Travel nursing can be a confusing field to work in. If you have been considering traveling or have been a traveler for twenty years, it can be a touch industry to navigate. We have put together some of TaleMed’s most useful resources/links to help iron out any questions you may have. National Council of State

All You Need to Know About Housing

Housing TaleMed can help assist you with your housing while on assignment. In cases where TaleMed assists with housing, we strive to offer the most comfortable and attractive housing possible. The following are helpful tips regarding housing. If you have additional questions, contact the TaleMed housing coordinator or your recruiter.   When can I move

Why Should I Partner With a Travel Nursing Staffing Provider?

If you’re in need of nurses at your hospital, a travel healthcare staffing agency can help. Staffing with travel nurses offers you flexibility, savings and convenience—and makes it much easier to staff up than searching on your own for new nurses. If you’re wondering why to work with travel RN recruiters, check out these five

What to Know/What to Do?

Before Leaving for Your Assignment   Licensure Endorsement: Immediately after deciding the location of your assignment, you will need to obtain a license to practice in the state to which you will be traveling. Processing the licensure application will vary from state to state. Some states take up to (8) eight weeks; therefore, it is

The Joint Commission

TaleMed has been Certified by The Joint Commission Since 2007  The Joint Commission awards their Gold Seal of Approval to TaleMed for its expertise in the nursing industry. This certification recognizes TaleMed’s commitment to providing qualified and competent healthcare professionals in the staffing nursing arena. We appreciate the Joint Commission in recognizing TaleMed’s dedication to

Nervous About Traveling Somewhere New?

Are you nervous to begin a career as a travel nurse? That’s OK—many new travelers get the jitters. It’s perfectly natural to be unsure of the unknown! But if you’re wondering why you should become a travel nurse, it’s safe to say you will experience many advantages, and a chunk of them are related to

Why Should I Pursue the BSN?

The Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) is becoming more prevalent in the nursing community. More and more hospitals are requiring their RNs to have a BSN. The Good News According to statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nurse jobs are expected to increase by 439,000 by 2024.

Find the Right Travel Nurse Recruiter for You

Have you recently decided to try travel nursing? Are you a seasoned travel nurse? If you’ve answered yes to either question, you know the quality of your assignments lies in the hands of your travel nurse recruiter. If you’re wondering how to find a recruiter on whom you can rely, check out these tips from

Traveler of the Month: Brittany Klocko

TaleMed is pleased to announce our July traveler of the Month! “Brittany has truly been a pleasure to work with! The ambition she has for exploring new locations/experiences really demonstrates how adventurous of a person she is. From her love to ice cream, to Broadway shows, to line dancing, there is never a dull moment

The Reality of Floating

As travel nurses, it is likely you will be the first RNs in a unit asked to float.  It is imperative we understand this is part of the travel nurse industry. Let’s discuss how to best handle a floating situation. Travelers MUST Be Able To Float This industry is complex and constantly changing and the

Travel Destinations: Indianapolis

Looking for your next travel nurse assignment? As the capitol and largest city in Indiana, “Indy” is a popular place to visit, known for its sports and Midwestern charm. In fact, the city was actually designed to accommodate visitors! Indy is full of attractive buildings, greenspace, monuments and art, with easy access by skyway to

A Positive Attitude in Health Care – Not a Choice, a Necessity

In any job your attitude is important, it governs your daily life and determines your outlook on everything you encounter. In our current economy, employers have a large pool of job seekers to choose from. Employers are looking for those with first rate skills and a positive personality to go along with it. Your knowledge

They Don’t Call Us Gypsies for Nothin’

Before you speed dial Mom & break the nomadic news or click ‘post’ on your next Facebook status, please be reminded they don’t call us gypsies for nothing. That social media activity log came in handy; digging deep I knew I had my very own hippie position: June 19th, 2015 “Packing the next chapter of

What to do When You Need Help Now

Is your hospital working with a skeleton crew? If you’re in need of nurses right away and not sure how to find and train them quickly, travel nurses can help. Plus travel nurses offer your hospital several distinct advantages. Here’s what you need to know. If you’ve recently experienced employee turnover or a swift uptick

5 Steps to Speed up Compliance

Compliance is an integral part of any hiring process. Without the compliance process the whole system falls apart. In relation to a previous blog posted a few weeks back titled: “Trends of Industry” we hit on the fact that start dates are moving from 1 month to 2-3 weeks. Therefore it is more important than

The Future of the NLC – eNLC

In 2015 the Nurse Licensure Compact underwent various revisions resulting in what is now referred to as the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). Currently there are 25 member states with more on the way. Moving forward, most NLC states and non-compact states are beginning the process in joining the enhanced NLC. The eNLC provides a

Vacation Time? Preparing for Your Next Assignment So You Can Disconnect

Nurses who work hard, play hard! If you’re a full-time travel nurse, you may find yourself lining up your next assignment during your current one. But if you’re ready to take some time off and relax, you’ll want to unplug during your vacation—and return ready to begin your next assignment. To do this, it can

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Trends of Industry

In such a fast paced environment nurses, staffing agencies, and facilities alike must constantly work to stay ahead of the game. There is explosive growth in this particular field of healthcare and with that comes rapid change. At TaleMed we are consistently looking to the future to be sure our service to nurses and facilities

The Freedom of Travel Nursing

Are you considering a job as a travel RN? Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea, but you’re on the fence about whether it’s the right career move for you. Or maybe you’re a nurse who’d like to shake up your nursing career, but you’re not quite sure of your next step. Travel nursing offers plenty

Housing: Do’s and Don’ts

Finding a place to call home for a few months can be a challenging endeavor if we don’t go about it the right way. That’s why we sat down with our Housing Coordinator’s and asked for some advice. Here is what we gathered… Housing Stipend Take it or leave it? There are two options when

TaleMed Named a Top Place to Work in Greater Cincinnati Area

CINCINNATI, OH, June 5, 2017 – For the second consecutive year, TaleMed has been named one of the “Top Places to Work” in the greater Cincinnati area by the Cincinnati Enquirer. The Top Workplaces award is based solely on the results of an employee feedback survey administered by WorkplaceDynamics, LLC, a leading research firm that

Travel Destinations: Providence

Rhode Island is a small state with a big heart! And the state capital, Providence, is chock full of history, with lots to see and do in your free time. Whether you’re into culture, dining or the outdoors—Providence has something for you. In our series of the best cities for travel nurses, our next installation

Kristen Huff is Selected Finalist for the 2017 Young Professional of the Year Award

CINCINNATI, OH, May –, 2017 – TaleMed is proud to announce that Kristen Huff, Director of Staffing Services, has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 Young Professional of the Year Award by the Clermont Chamber of Commerce. The Young Professional of the Year Award recognizes up and coming entrepreneurial business women under 40

Go Local – Cincinnati Urban Promise

Go Local “For the last ten years in May, an army of volunteers has impacted the Cincinnati region through various service projects in a one-day, citywide blitz of compassion called GO Cincinnati.  We are excited to expand this incredible event to Central Kentucky and our Anywhere Communities with GO Local.” Check out this years Go

How Can TaleMed Meet Your Needs?

If you’re looking for Denver travel nurses, it can help to work with a recruiter. And if you’re in search of the best of the best in travel nurse recruiters—you can rely on TaleMed. We’re a leader in the travel nurse staffing industry and we place highly qualified nursing talent with integrity. To you, this

Poudre Valley Medical Center – UC Health

  “TaleMed has proven to be an indispensable part of our team for over two years now. Healthcare staffing can be complex, and in a facility of our size the need for the right people is paramount. TaleMed understands this and makes it their mission to help, always with our best interest in mind.”  

Johnny Smith – A Tribute

Johnny’s Journey with TaleMed Every now and again we are provided an opportunity to come into contact with those special people in life. Johnny Smith was one of those people. He began his travel nursing career at the age of 61 years old, now at the age of 70 he is calling it quits. TaleMed

How to Avoid Travel Nursing Burnout

Do you know the signs of job burnout? And once you learn to recognize them, do you know what you can do to prevent burnout as a travel nurse? Staying motivated in your travel nurse job is important—it affects the quality of care you provide to your patients and helps you prevent treatment errors. Still,

Dear TaleMed,

Introducing “Dear TaleMed” There are a lot of questions we all have that might not get answered when we need them to. It is our hope that by creating this service we will be able to relieve some of the strain when questions or concerns do arise. “If You Build It, They Will Come” –

It’s All About Time Management

The Importance of Sleep We all have a Circadian clock, a pace-maker like mechanism in the brain that regulates bodily patterns, sleep cycles, body temperature, etc. Bottom line… it’s important! Which is why it’s so vital for nurses to be mindful of our bodies need for sleep. Below are some factors to be aware of.

The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses – Christina McClintock

It’s probably fair to say that a hospital would cease to function without the presence of RN’s. Nurses are the aspect of the phrase. These women and men give their all to the patients and families they have been entrusted with. Hence The DAISY Award – created in 1999 in memory of J. Patrick Barnes

Travel Destination: Alaska

If you’re a travel nurse in love with outdoor adventure, Alaska is the destination for you. In this, our multi-blog series that explores top travel nurse locations, we explore the beautiful state of Alaska—and all that attracts travelers to the Great White North. The land of extremes Alaska is the largest state in the Union,

Congratulations TaleMed Scholarship Winners

The TaleMed Inc. Scholarship We believe it is imperative to invest in the younger generation. TaleMed awards an annual $500 scholarship to two students from Milford High School. These students are graduating seniors who have expressed their intention to pursue a degree in the medical field. They have exemplified what it is to serve their

Happy Nurses Week!

National Nurses Week is May 6–12, 2017. It’s when the country celebrates the hard work and contributions of nurses to our society and healthcare industry. As a nurse, take time during this week to reflect on your experiences that enrich the lives of your patients and healthcare team. Be proud of who you are and

Happy National Nurses Day!

Nurses Day (You’re Day) National Nurses Day is celebrated annually on May 6 to raise awareness of the important role nurses play in society. It marks the beginning of National Nurses Week, May 6-12. Nurses are a pillar of American Health. Without RNs like Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton (see below) the profession of nursing

The Fear of “What if?”

Everyone is Apprehensive about Change (we’re human) If we’re being honest, most of us are resistant to change. It isn’t something that necessarily makes us jump for joy. So if you’re a first time Traveler or are on the brink of deciding whether to travel, hopefully we’ll have your mind made up by the time

The Positive Impact of Travel Nurses

Are you looking to staff up at your hospital? Savannah travel nurses offer your facility a few key benefits that can be a big advantage. If you’re ever wondered why you should hire travel RNs or how travel nurses help, just consider these top five reasons, as presented by healthcare staffing expert TaleMed. You’ll notice

The Art of the Interview

The Interview: It makes or breaks you, right? You are in a new place, with people you have never met, explaining why YOU are above and beyond all the rest. So what do you do? The Must Do’s First impressions are everything – Most experts agree that an individual has 7 seconds to make a first

Podcasts for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse on the go, you may not have enough free time to tune in to anything extra. But that’s the beauty of Podcasts! You simply download an episode and listen on your iPod or mobile device from anywhere. You might find yourself in situations where you’re all ears—for example on the subway,

Boosting Your Independence

If you’re an adventurous sort or just looking for something new, check out travel nursing! Moving to new assignments every 13 weeks or so demands independence. And this is a great way to spread your wings and increase your self-confidence—with new experiences, people and cities, you will be amazed how self-sufficient you are on your

How Important is the Roll of an RN?

  It’s probably fair to say that a hospital would cease to function without the presence of RN’s. Nurses are the backbone of any health facility. But in every facility, there are those nurses that go above and beyond in every aspect of the phrase. These women and men give their all to the patients

TaleMed: The Silicon Valley of Travel Nursing

What can TaleMed do for You? Everyone has heard of Silicon Valley right? Facebook, Apple, Google. Just the basics, nothing big there. Oh except us… TaleMed is the Silicon Valley of the travel nurse industry. Granted our home office is in Cincinnati, Ohio but that’s beside the point. With the network capacity to take you anywhere

Travel Destinations: Seattle

If you’ve ever considered travel nursing in Seattle, now’s your chance! The Pacific Northwest offers the best of the best in scenic mountains, forests, Oceanside views, culture, food, drink, sports, recreation and so much more. A Seattle travel RN placement may be just what you’re looking for to shake things up for 13 weeks. As

Is Your Hospital Facing a Nursing Shortage?

If you’re wondering how to cover nurse staffing gaps, travel nurses are a great resource! They can provide temporary coverage or sometimes full-time, permanent nursing support. So if you’ve found your hospital is in need of additional nurse staff, why not consider the advantages of travel nurses? Why to hire travel nurses Staffing with travel

Are You Interested in Becoming a Travel Nurse?

Are you looking to shake up your nursing career? If so, travel nursing could be just the thing for you. As a travel RN, you’ll get to tour the country (or even the world) while gaining plenty of job experience, boosting your resume and meeting new people. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, if you’re up for

Travel Tips: How to Make Travel Easier

As a travel nurse, do you experience the occasional hiccup on the way to your new placements? No one is perfect, but you can take steps to handle your travel experience with perfection. All it takes is a few tips from a reliable source: the travel nurse staffing expert, TaleMed! Are you comfortable with a

Travel Destinations: Denver

Known as the Mile High City due to its elevation, Denver is one of the top travel nurse destinations. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Denver boasts a rich culture with much to do as soon as you punch the time clock. As a Denver travel nurse, you can explore outdoors or indoors, in

The TaleMed Methodology

Looking for travel nurses to round out your nursing staff? Bringing on the temporary services of a travel nurse is a smart way for facilities to cover gaps in their healthcare team. And if you’re located in the Savannah area, TaleMed is your number one source for travel RNs. We also have experience placing travel

How to Meet New People on Assignment

Do you have the new-assignment jitters? As you prepare for your Brooklyn travel nurse placement, you may be worried about how to meet people while at your temporary new home. Relax: it’s perfectly natural to have concerns about making friends on travel nurse assignments. After all, having a social outlet is important to staying happy

Safety Tips for Nurses: Solo Travel

Travel nursing is a valuable opportunity in your nursing career. You can see the world while you build your resume of nursing experience. But to ensure yours is a pleasant stay in your city of choice, it’s important to stay safe during your travel nurse assignment. And you can do this with some very important

Travel Destinations: San Antonio

Where will your next travel nurse assignment take you? Whether you prefer a quaint town or a bustling city, this series from TaleMed introduces hot destinations for travel RNs. Our goal? To help you find a travel RN placement you’ll love in some of the best cities for travel nurses. And if you’re looking for

Integrate Travel Nurses Into Your Team

Your number one goal with onboarding is maintaining your hospital’s care standards without missing a beat. You’ve hired Minneapolis travel nurses to cover any gaps you may be experiencing in your hospital staff—and you want productivity and high-quality care to continue. So if you’re wondering how to onboard travel nurses, it begins right after they’ve

TaleMed Places Fifth in List of Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies

Awarded by Highway Hypodermics Cincinnati, OH, 1/3/17—On January 3, TaleMed placed #5 in Highway Hypodermics’ list of the 2017 Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies. This year, the ten winners were selected from among 26 qualified travel nurse agencies. TaleMed has placed in the top five in this ranking for the past 8 years including being ranked

Preparing for Your First Interview With a Travel Nurse Recruiter

Are you a nurse who dreams of traveling to New Orleans for work? A travel nurse job is one way to make this happen. Your first step toward the future of your travel nursing career is by contacting a New Orleans travel nurse recruiter. They will work with you to understand what you’re looking for

Nurses: Make a Bold Impression

Most people decide how they feel about you within a few minutes of making your acquaintance. This is why first impressions are so important. And during your Louisville travel nurse assignment, you’ll meet plenty of new people—imagine all the strong and lasting impressions you’ll have the opportunity to make! So, how can you put your

Travel Destinations: Houston

Looking for your next travel nurse assignment? In this series from TaleMed, we’ll take a look at top U.S. travel destinations for nurses. From coast to coast, beaches to mountains, historic towns to busy cities—we’ll explore it all! Regardless of your preferred off-the-clock pastime, TaleMed will help you find a travel RN assignment you’ll love

Bettering Patient Care: EHRs

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are sweeping the healthcare industry! They’re quickly replacing paper charts as a more efficient way to track patient care and aid in medical team collaboration. Though EHRS require a learning curve for all members of a healthcare team, their benefits far outweigh the time it takes to master them. To stay

CEU: Continue Your Education with TaleMed

As a licensed travel nurse, you’re required to earn CEUs every 1-2 years to maintain your licensure. You hold the lives of patients in your hands, and it’s important to keep your skills sharp to maintain high-quality care. Based on the state you’re working in, you will need to earn a certain number of travel

Travel Nursing With a Family

As a travel nurse, you have a unique job opportunity. You can bring your spouse, children and even pets with you as you travel to Fall River, MA for your next nursing placement—or anywhere else your opportunities take you! You don’t need to sacrifice your family life for a travel RN lifestyle. With just a

Travel Destinations: Miami

[auto-iframe link=”” height=”315″ width=”560″] So, you picked up a travel assignment in Miami and you’re wondering what there is to do when you’re not hard at work. Your travel coordinator will give you an overview of what the area is like, but it’s still fun to dig in on your own to see what’s out

What Obstacles Do Your Nurses Face?

Nursing is a demanding profession. So anything you can do to make the work of your nurses a little easier will help them help you. The satisfaction of your patients and the reputation of your facility rests on the shoulders of your staff. And since nurses have direct contact with your patients, their success on

Wellness for Nurses: Personal Safety

When it comes to safety—always know before you go! This is true for many things in life, and travel nursing is no exception. Even if you’re a seasoned travel nursing veteran, it can never hurt to brush up on safety tips to keep yourself safe and well during every assignment. On your way to Austin,

Travel Healthcare Professionals: Use These Strategies to Reduce Stress

Every job has its stressful moments. Travel healthcare is no exception. As you embark on your next placement in Rapid City, South Dakota, do yourself a favor by learning a few stress relief tips. You never know what life may throw your way, but you can be prepared with our seven stress relief tips. Here’s

What NOT to Do on Day One of Your Assignment

You’ve landed a travel nurse placement in Providence, Rhode Island—congratulations! Being the “new kid” can be tough, but travel nurses find themselves in new situations every 13 weeks. With some practice, you’ll know what to expect on a travel nurse assignment, and this can make your transition easier. The key is to relax, breathe and

Struggling to Find the Nurses Your Hospital Needs?

Your nurses are a major part of your healthcare team. Since they have direct interactions with patients, nurses help facilitate treatment effectiveness and patient satisfaction at your facility. So you can imagine it’s crucial to take time and find the right nurses. If you’ve decided to supplement your workforce with the talents of travel nurses,

Resume Writing for Travel Nurses

Looking for your next travel nurse job? Your resume can help you woo a hiring manager. Of course, your interview and professionalism are also critical, but your resume is what will help you get in the door in the first place. If you’re searching for a travel nurse placement in beautiful Rapid City, South Dakota,

Wellness for Nurses: Don’t Cut Your Sleep Short!

Sleep is important for everyone—and that includes nurses. During your shift, you’re required to be on your feet and alert, because the lives of your patients are literally in your hands! Your brain and body need enough sleep to be able to function well, so you’ll have plenty of energy, be able to think clearly,

What Questions Should a Travel Nurse Ask During an Interview?

Your interview is a pivotal point in your travel nursing career. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to travel nursing, it never hurts to brush up on your interview skills before the big day. The important thing to remember is an interview is just as important for you as it is for the hiring

Soft Skills That Make Nurses Successful

As a travel nurse, you’ll get ahead with professional skills, job experience and certifications. These qualifications make you a highly trained nurse who knows what she’s doing. But certain “soft” skills are just as important to help cement you as an expert at your job—and put you ahead of others in your field. Five key

When Should a Travel Professional Begin Planning for Their Next Assignment?

Travel nurses and healthcare professionals have the unique opportunity to work as much, or as little, as they’d like. Still, if you plan to maintain a continuous income, you’ll need to prepare for your next travel assignment during your current travel assignment. Failure to do so could lead to: Longer time lapses than you prefer

Wellness for Nurses: Your Fitness Routine

As a travel nurse, you need to be well to make others well. It’s important that you stay fit and healthy to be able to deliver the very best patient care. You may feel too tired to exercise by the end of your shift—but did you know fitness actually helps increase your energy? It’s true!

Selecting Professional Resources to Represent You

Your travel nurse job references can make or break your job search. You may feel that once you’ve done well at your interview, you’re in the clear; however, this isn’t necessarily the case! The words of others who’ve worked with you can help cement a hiring manager’s decision. And it’s important to be selective and

TaleMed – Inc 5000 List

Inc Magazine announces TaleMed as one of the fastest growing private companies in America! Cincinnati, OH, 8/17/2016 – On Wednesday, August 17th, the Inc 5000 named TaleMed as part of their annual ranking of the fastest growing private companies in America. The program recognizes the top 5000 in the United States based on revenue growth

How Can We Provide the Healthcare Talent You Need?

It’s critical to maintain adequate medical staffing. If your staff-to-patient ratio is too low, you face the danger of staff burnout, patient safety issues, human error and a decrease in the quality of care your facility provides. So to help protect your staff, your patients and your reputation, you may need to staff up or

Nurses: Treat Your Feet

Nurses are on their feet constantly! This important mode of transportation carries you through your job—and your life—each day. Sore feet can make it much more difficult to do your job to the best of your ability, so it’s important to treat them right. Here are five ways you can keep your tootsies in tip-top

Wellness for Nurses: Don’t Overlook the Importance of Nutrition

You are what you eat! You’ve heard this old adage time and again, but it’s true your body needs the right fuel to be strong and healthy. Your wellness directly impacts the care you provide your patients—and they’re relying on you to take good care of yourself! Still, healthy eating can seem boring and even

Communication While Traveling: How Can I Stay in Touch with Family, Friends and Professional Contacts?

During your Fall River travel nurse placement, you’ll want to keep in touch with friends and family back home. Regular communication with your “social support system” is important for your happiness and well-being. You’ll also want to keep up with your professional contacts, as well, to aid in your career development. Luckily, technology gives you

Why Should We Hire Travel Nurses?

It’s important for your hospital to maintain a full nursing staff. Understaffing can lead to overworked nurses, human error and a decreased level of patient care. To help your hospital maintain its quality standards and patient satisfaction, travel nurses are a valuable resource. They offer your hospital several critical advantages. Five key reasons to hire

How to Prepare for an Assignment: What to Expect on Day One

Travel nurse assignments are an exciting—and challenging—opportunity in your nursing career. They give you a chance that other occupations do not offer, and that’s the ability to make a new city your home every three months or so. Still, as you prepare to depart for Providence, RI, or wherever your placement will be taking you,

Questions Every Nurse Should Ask Before Accepting an Offer

Surprises aren’t always fun—especially when it comes to your travel nurse career. So before you pack your bags and head to Billings, Montana, or to your next travel assignment, you’ll want to find out all you can about the placement and facility. It’s important to be prepared with a list of questions for both your

Keep Your Certifications Current

As a qualified travel nurse, it’s not just enough to be passionate about what you do. Though passion is important, you also must show you’re up to date on your professional nursing knowledge. And this is especially true of any certifications you hold with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Keeping your certifications current shows

Our Nurses Are Ready to Make a Difference

Staff your hospital with exactly the nurses you need—when you need them. With TaleMed, we’ll work with you to place highly qualified, well-matched nurses that match your specifications. You’ll also experience our caring customer service and attention to detail so you’ll know a placement will be successful. In fact, 99 percent of the healthcare professionals

How to Prepare for an Assignment: Licensure

The key to travel nursing is being prepared. The more prepared you are, the smoother the transition to your new travel nurse placement! So it’s important to apply for state licensure well in advance of a new travel assignment. For example, let’s say you’re interested in traveling to Durham, North Carolina—you know you like the

TaleMed – Top Place to Work

Cincinnati Enquirer announces TaleMed as #2 Top Places to Work in Cincinnati! Cincinnati, OH, 6/5/2016 – On Sunday, June 5th, the Cincinnati Enquirer announced TaleMed as #2 in the Cincinnati Top Places to work. The program recognizes 100 of the Top Workplaces in Cincinnati based solely on surveys completed by the companies’ employees. Employees evaluate

TaleMed – Women Owned Business of the Year

Clermont County Chamber of Commerce announces TaleMed & CEO Elizabeth Tracy as the Woman Owned Business of the Year! Cincinnati, OH, 6/7/2016 – On Tuesday, June 7th, the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce announced TaleMed and CEO Elizabeth Tracy as the Woman Owned Business of the Year.  The announcement came at their Annual Women’s Business

TaleMed EOY Finalists 2016

EY announces TaleMed CEO & President Elizabeth & Ken Tracy are named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 finalists in the Ohio Valley Region! Cincinnati, OH, 6/1/2016 – EY today announced that CEO Elizabeth Tracy and President Ken Tracy of TaleMed, LLC are finalists for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Award. The awards program,

How to Learn About a New City

Before you accept a travel nurse assignment, it helps to learn all you can about the city. This way, you’ll be able to make the best choice for yourself—and ease any anxieties you may be having about your destination. Finding out more about how to get around will help you decide if you want to

Can You Travel With Your Pet?

For many nurses, pets are like children. Bringing your pet along on your assignment to sunny Savannah means you’ll always have at least one friend with you, and someone to welcome you home from your shift each day. You may decide that home is just not the same without Max or Fluffy, and some nurses

How Can We Ensure the Success of Nurses on Assignment?

Thorough onboarding is critical to the productivity of your travel nurses—as well as the health of your bottom line. Research has shown that an employee will decide to stay with (or leave) a company within his or her first six months of employment—making adequate onboarding critical to avoid the cost of employee turnover. Give your

How to Prepare for an Assignment: Travel

Nervous for your next assignment? The better prepared you are, the more you can ease your mind—and your transition. One of your first steps in the planning process should be determining how to get to your travel assignment. The next step is learning more about Austin and what to expect, which will make it easier

The Travel Nurse Community

Feeling anxious about your upcoming travel nurse assignment? You needn’t be, but it’s natural to have a few nervous butterflies in your stomach—especially if this is your first, or one of your first, travel placements. But whether your travel assignment will take you to Brooklyn or anywhere else in the country, there’s good news: you’ll

Tips to Help Nurses Engage Patients

Communication is important in the nursing profession. The dialog that occurs between you and the rest of the healthcare team—but also between you and your patients—directly impacts the quality of care patients receives. It’s vital for you to engage patients in their own care. This way, they understand their treatment regimen and feel involved in

How to Improve Patient Care with a Staffing Partner

Healthcare workers are in high demand—but your hospital still requires the most qualified staff to fill key positions within your healthcare team. The quality of the care your organization provides relies heavily on the skills and experience of your staff, so it’s important to find workers in the Austin area with the proper qualifications. Though

How to Prepare for an Assignment: Housing

Part of travel nursing is finding somewhere to stay while on assignment. Before you embark on your travel assignment to sunny Savannah, GA, you’ll need to make an important decision about where to live. Whether you’re a minimalist or prefer all the comforts of home while away, you have many options for housing. By working

Nurses: What You Need to Know

Are you ready for your travel nurse interview? Though nurses are in high demand in Seattle and across the country—the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 16 percent job growth from now until 2024—a hiring manager still needs to make sure you’re a great match for the job. For this reason, it’s important to be fully

Considering a Career in Travel Nursing?

  Do you dream of seeing the world? For some professions, this is an activity you can only do during holidays and vacations. But as a nurse, you have the unique advantage of traveling for your job. With each new travel placement, you can set sail for any destination you choose—based on the activities and

Understanding the New Prevention Guidelines

The newest heart disease and stroke prevention guidelines for doctors urge them to help you avoid heart disease and stroke by prescribing drugs called statins for some of you, treating obesity as a disease, and giving you other resources to stay healthy. So what does that mean for you? Should you be on statins? Should you change

A 19-year-old woman is dying. It could be days, it could be weeks, it could be a few months. No one really knows, mainly because no one knows much of anything about the form of cancer currently infesting her brain. You have heard of this woman. You saw her story playing on the TV in

How nurses can avoid the top health technology hazards

The top health technology hazards are in the hands of nurses, according to a new report from the ECRI Institute. The top health technology hazards are in the hands of nurses, according to a new report from the ECRI Institute. Out of the 10 top hazards identified in the report, nurses work directly with the

5 ways for nurses to stress less during the holiday season

“Well, come on guys, we gotta do something!” Those are the words that strike fear into my heart this time of year. It’s bad enough that we have to work one major and one minor holiday over the winter. Add in shopping and cooking and wrangling your particular traditional decorations, and people at work wanting

5 strategies for the sick nurse: How to succeed in your career despite health issues

In June 2009, I found myself excited and anxious to start my first nursing career and also unexpectedly diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease. I literally started having gastrointestinal symptoms my first day on the job. Not exactly what I had planned for as a start to my life as a nurse. Many people choose

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Living through a stroke was one thing; now he’s regaining what he lost, inspiring others

Sebastian Baker knew he was at risk of stroke because it ran in his family. An aunt and a cousin each suffered debilitating strokes. Each endured complications in ensuing years, then died. Those relatives were in their late 30s and early 40s when they suffered their strokes. Sebastian was 45 the day he came home from

Emergencies Along The Road

In case of a medical emergency, we are taught to dial 911, but who do you call when you are hundreds of miles away from home? The first line of defense in case of emergencies along the road is to have an emergency plan for. Not that we really want one to happen, but we

Ha! Let laughter enrich your life

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” — Phyllis Diller When you laugh, you make more than a sound. Your body is in on the joke too. First, a chortle builds in your chest and throat. Then your belly begins to bounce. And if you really let loose, happy tears might run down your

“Never give up on yourself”: One nurse’s story of beating breast cancer

Nobody thinks that their parents will get cancer. It’s not because you think they’re so much better than everyone else (well, maybe you do a little); it’s just too weird and awful to think or prepare for the fact that someone so close to you could have to deal with something so painful. But the sad reality

5 simple ways to earn your patients’ trust

Your patients’ confidence in your staff can affect their mindset and, in turn, their recovery. Try these approaches to gaining and keeping their confidence. Consumers choose doctors and hospitals for deeply personal and emotional reasons, not always rational ones. You can trumpet your quality rankings and other measurable data all day long; it’s just noise

Visit USA – Explore the Real America

We were at the Visit USA media launch in Sydney and I turned to Craig and whispered, “I really shouldn’t have come here.” The knot began to twist a little tighter and that deep longing for home arrived. “I can’t sit here and listen to that warm, familiar accent, and see slide show photos of the Real America.

Finding Your Adult Vaccination Record

An up-to-date vaccination record helps you and your doctors know if you’re protected against vaccine-preventable diseases. Can’t find your records? You’re not alone. The following tips can jumpstart your search! A vaccination record (also called an immunization record) helps you and your health care provider ensure you are protected against diseases that have vaccines to

Zero patients harmed: The promising future of healthcare

Millions of healthcare patients in the U.S. are harmed annually; and tragically, studies show that some even die from preventable adverse events. Healthcare-associated infections, harmful medication errors, wrong-site surgeries and surgical fires are just some of the ways patients are being harmed needlessly.  This is not acceptable. We must strive to reduce the incidence of preventable

7 Tips to Mentally Prepare Your Child for the School Year

Summer is officially winding down and if your child isn’t back to school already, he or she will be soon. Whether your child is excited about the new year or dreading it, back-to-school time is always an adjustment. So how can parents help their children get mentally prepared for the new school year? It’s a

7 Signs That You Might be a Travel Addict

Traveling can be addictive. The excitement of moving to a new place and exploring new things can be exhilarating. Most people find a balance between normal life and travel. How do you know if you have become addicted? Have you lost sight of normal? Everything you own fits into your car If you have condensed

Emergency room closures can be deadly for area’s residents

It stands to reason that when a hospital emergency room closes, people in the surrounding neighborhood suffer. But how much? A new study quantifies the impact in California, finding that patients affected by ER closures were 5% more likely to die after being admitted to a hospital than were patients who didn’t lose an ER

2014 National Patient Safety Goals

Below are links to the new 2014 National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs).  Included on each program’s page is the chapter and an easy-to-read version of the NPSGs. For frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the NPSGs, visit the Standards FAQs section. View Saftey Goals

Learning to Appear Calm

Learning to appear calm in new situations is a great skill for a traveling nurse to learn. Being in new situations can be uncomfortable at first. However, appearing calm can help inspire the confidence of your co-workers. Body Language The first thing someone will see before they talk to you is your body language. Your

AHA timeline – 90 years of saving lives

American Heart Association Historic Moments A century ago heart disease patients were thought to be doomed to bedrest and destined to imminent death. But thanks to countless scientists, medical professionals and other dedicated volunteers and supporters of the American Heart Association, that picture has changed considerably. Here is a look at the groundbreaking research the

10 items every travel nurse should have on an assignment

Life on the road can be a challenge, but there are professional and personal items that can make the journey a little easier. A good stethoscope. An important tool for any nurse, a good stethoscope is a critical item to pack on your travels. A dependable, waterproof watch. Taking pulses with a watch that features

20 Things Every Nurse Should Experience

In my opinion, there are twenty things that every nurse should experience at one point or another in their career. However, not all of the experiences are positive. Some are uplifting, some are scary, and some are tragic. Yet all will help shape you hopefully to be the best nurse you can be. The honor

All the Things We Carry

A nurse looks at what nursing means. Some of the things we see are heartbreaking, and some is beautiful. Much of it affects us, and some of it we carry forever. I’ve carried a lot with me over thirteen years of nursing. Here’s a glimpse… Every so often, a thread pops up around here: “What’s

Travel Nurse Interview Tips

We’ve discussed the travel nurse interview here Travel Nurse Interview Prep, and here Preparing for the Interview. The interview process can be daunting at times, regardless if you have never done a phone interview or if you’ve done hundreds of them. Check out this great infographic of Interview Tips for Travel Nurses.

Nurse Licensure Applications & Fees by State

NurseTogether has compiled the following list of the BON licensure requirements along with the links to nurse license applications, forms & fees. Below is the list of nursing board by state in the United States. Click on the links for the latest information and/or forms directly from the BON website.   State Phone Number(s) Website

ICU=Related Depression Often Overlooked

TUESDAY, April 8, 2014 (HealthDay News) — One-third of patients admitted to an intensive care unit develop depression that causes physical symptoms rather than the typical psychological signs, a new study finds. As a result, their condition may go undiagnosed and they may not get needed help, the research suggested. “It’s a significant public health

New Year’s Resolution for nurses 2014

It’s a couple of weeks into the new year. Are you still adhering to your resolutions? More than 40 percent of Americans pledge some form of self-improvement, most resolutions fall into the “get healthy” or “be a better person” categories. Career commitments don’t show up nearly as often, but why not take a few minutes

Getting Along with Others While on Assignment

Remember in grade school when we had this spot on our report cards that read, “Gets along and plays well with others?” Well, that is about how things are in the big world also! Your first impression takes you a long ways when it comes to getting along and working well with others upon arrival

Should Nurses Allow Loved Ones to Watch a Code Blue?

Because I have been present too many times with my patients during the unnerving drama of a hospital CPR or a code blue scene, I question how good it would be for a family member to watch. It’s probably the most dramatically graphic and emotionally charged event I’ve witnessed as a nurse. The all-consuming helplessness

Using a Mail Forward Service

One of the most important tasks you will need to do as a travel nurse is decide on a way to manage your mail from the post office. Even in the digital world we live in today, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid physical mail. There are several options that vary in cost and

Driving in Snow and Ice

The best advice for driving in bad winter weather is not to drive at all, if you can avoid it. Don’t go out until the snow plows and sanding trucks have had a chance to do their work, and allow yourself extra time to reach your destination. If you must drive in snowy conditions, make

‘Little angel’: Rescue dog helps monitor girl during surgery

As doctors hovered over a 7-year-old girl undergoing kidney surgery Wednesday morning, her beloved furry companion was right there, carefully watching along with the humans and machines monitoring her condition. JJ, a dog that can sense when Kaelyn Krawczyk — known as KK — is about to have a life-threatening reaction, is believed to be

How to be a well-rested nurse

Working rotating shifts makes quality rest a doubly important factor in a nurse’s life. Being well rested will do more than make you feel better; clinical studies have shown that nurses who have gotten proper rest deliver better patient care and commit fewer errors. Dr. Kathy Reid, a research assistant professor at Northwestern University’s School

Accepting Criticism as a Travel Nurse

In travel nursing, you must be able to accept criticism… You are going into a jungle of many different animals, and if you are the meek little domestic tabby nurse, then you are going to be eaten alive.  You are the one making the big bucks, and some will have the expectation that you have

Strangers In Our Midst

Coping with Staff Resentment Full time permanent staff nurses are frequently overwhelmed by the demands placed upon them by the increasing acuity of their patients, the escalating paperwork burden, and chronic understaffing. Current estimates are that 8.5 percent of nursing positions nationwide are unfilled. To help alleviate the severe staffing shortage, many hospitals utilize temporary

Being Away from Your Family on the Holidays

Separation from family and friends during the holidays is difficult. Here are some things you can do to ease the loneliness. At some point in our lives, we all experience the loneliness that comes with spending a holiday or special occasion away from family and loved ones. While nothing can fill the void of missing