Beth H.

Beth H. on Becoming a Travel Nurse Later in Life

Beth H. decided travel nursing was right for her when she was 53. Before that fateful decision, she worked at a single facility for 32 years in the OR, as a PACU nurse, an OR Circulator and a charge nurse.

From a small town in Virginia’s southwest corner, she and her husband, Marty, have 4 children and 10 grandchildren together. When her youngest child was graduating from college, Beth decided to check out travel nursing as a career option. Needing more information, she called a travel nurse friend who highly recommended TaleMed.

“[TaleMed] was one of my top 5 companies. So after the suggestion from my friend, I gave them a call. I now have five years of service with TaleMed, and Jeremy Anderson is my A+ recruiter.”

Making a career change later in life can be intimidating, but that didn’t stop Beth. She credits her husband for providing a strong support system even when he can’t travel with her.

The Benefits of Travel Nursing

“I absolutely love being a travel nurse because I have the flexibility of managing my own schedule.” said Beth. With this flexibility, she and her husband have been able to explore and take trips on long weekends. Some of their favorite places include Washington, D.C.; Boston, MA; Providence, RI; Charleston, SC and Palm Springs CA.

Beth’s latest assignment was in Beaumont, CA, just outside Palm Springs, CA.

“I was able to attend the PGA Desert Classic golf tournament and watch the tennis finals at Indian Wells, which was a lifelong dream of mine. I also hiked in Joshua Tree National Park which had stunning scenery and rock formations.”

Why TaleMed?

You know the staff by name. I love that Jeremy calls and asks how my first day or week is going. He is always available for questions regarding pay, time off, etc. I have never had a late paycheck and any discrepancies are handled quickly.”

Beth’s Advice

Beth recommends travel nursing to any adventurous soul. With five years of travel nursing under her belt, she has some great advice.

“Be confident in yourself and your skills. Be energetic and willing to help. There is so much more out there to learn. You never stop learning,” she encourages.

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