Be a Mentor — On Your Terms

It’s hard to let go of being a leader and mentor on your unit. Some healthcare professionals (HCPs) face this hurdle as they transition from unit leadership positions to traveling. While you may be the new kid at a new hospital every 13 weeks, you still have years of experience and knowledge to pass onto younger co-workers

We understand you want to share your expertise, but it’s important to come across as caring and teaching, not overbearing or pushy. How do you find the right balance of helping, as a mentor, while being considerate of current hospital routines?

Making Yourself Available

TaleMed Clinical Director Susan Abbott encourages veteran HCPs to put themselves out there. “Make yourself available,” she says. “Let younger nurses and techs know that you’ve been around the block a few times. If they want advice, they know you’re the person to ask.”

Remember that the facility hired you for your passion, capabilities and credentials. Sometimes you can make the biggest impact through one-on-one communication, rather than making public comments. Something you say to another HCP may help them for the rest of their career.

You Were Hired to Do a Specific Job

At the same time, you’re under no obligation to use your education and skills to be anything but the best travel HCP possible. Susan knows what happens when a healthcare facility overextends their expectations of a traveler.

“I recently had an employee who returned to a hospital she’d worked at years before, but this time as a traveler,” says Susan. “The management leaned on her too hard as a resource. She’d been hired to do a job and they expected more of her because of her previous role.”

No one should ask you to go outside of your responsibilities. If you want to share your cumulative learnings with others, do it — but in ways you feel comfortable. If you have any questions, reach out to your TaleMed team. We’re always here to help!

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Advice from Susan