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Why Should We Hire Travel Nurses?

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It’s important for your hospital to maintain a full nursing staff. Understaffing can lead to overworked nurses, human error and a decreased level of patient care. To help your hospital maintain its quality standards and patient satisfaction, travel nurses are a valuable resource. They offer your hospital several critical advantages.

Five key reasons to hire travel nurses

If you want to avoid a skeleton crew, gain valuable nursing experience or reduce staffing costs, travel nurses can be your best choice. Consider the following:

  1. Staff up during busy seasons. Do you find your hospital more full during flu season? Does the summertime result in an increase in accidents and injuries? Whenever your peak season, travel nurses will help you attend to your patient demands without the need to find and hire additional full-time nurses.
  2. Cover staffing gaps. Nurses are a hardworking bunch, but they’re human—and this means they get injured, go out on maternity leave, or take vacations. When you find yourself with short-term holes in your nursing staff, it can help to bring on travel nurses temporarily to help you maintain a full team.
  3. Fill difficult openings in your team. Perhaps you’re looking for a nurse with a specific skill set, but can’t find anyone fitting the job description in your geographic area. Since travel nurses spend their careers on the go, you can open your search up to a much broader job market—the entire country! This way, you’ll be able to cover a position until you locate a permanent hire.
  4. Save on staffing costs. Travel nurses are employees of the staffing firm they work for, which covers their healthcare, retirement and paid time off. Plus, travel nurses help you reduce overtime pay with your permanent staff.
  5. Avoid turnover. Being short-staffed can cause your nurses to experience job burnout, which can lead to turnover. Travel nurses give you the extra hands you need to make the work lighter for your entire team.

If you’re looking for a medical staffing partner, contact TaleMed

As an expert in the medical staffing industry, TaleMed is your number-one source for highly qualified travel nurses in the Austin area and across the country. We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and locate the nurses you need to maintain the highest level of patient care within your hospital. To learn more, visit our hospital page or contact one of our experienced recruiters today!

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