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How a Staffing Partner Improves Patient Care


Healthcare workers are in high demand—but your hospital still requires the most qualified staff to fill key positions within your healthcare team. The quality of the care your organization provides relies heavily on the skills and experience of your staff, so it’s important to find workers in the Austin area with the proper qualifications. Though healthcare workers are becoming scarce as demand continues to increase, one option is to work with a staffing partner.

The value of a staffing partner

Staffing agencies are a popular way for hiring managers to gain better access to qualified healthcare candidates. According to recent research from the American Staffing Association, more than 14 million employees are being hired by U.S. staffing companies over the course of a year, so working with a recruiter provides employers access to a deep pool of talent. In fact, employers report the following advantages from this valuable relationship:

  • 41 percent are able to access more qualified candidates
  • 38 percent report that recruiters help them fill open job opportunities more quickly
  • 26 percent are able to access candidates with specialized skills

Maintain a high level of patient care

The quality of care your hospital provides impacts patients’ safety and satisfaction, and ultimately your facility’s reputation in the community and beyond. So it’s imperative to find healthcare employees you can rely on. A staffing agency can help you with this mission in the following ways:

  • Find workers that fit your job postings. Regardless of the level of position you’re seeking to fill—or the discipline—your recruiter has contacts throughout the healthcare industry. You’ll gain access to both active and passive candidates in the Austin market, so you’ll greatly increase your chances of finding the best matches—no matter how specific the required qualifications.
  • Maintain a high level of hiring standards. When you have a greater selection of healthcare candidates from which to choose, you don’t need to whittle down your list of requirements. Instead, you’ll be able to be as selective as you need to be in your hiring process.
  • Rest easy with thorough background screenings. The safety of your patients and entire facility rests largely in the hands of your healthcare team. Your staffing partner will provide thorough screenings and background checks, helping you to ensure only highly qualified individuals join your organization.
  • Benefit from soft skills. Beyond education, healthcare staff will need an excellent bedside manner to deliver the very best patient care. Your recruiter will work with you to find candidates with the right soft skills as well, so you find workers who treat your patients with the utmost respect and empathy.

Niche staffing partners and agencies

Just as hospitals require workers with specialized skills, you too can benefit from a staffing agency that specializes in the healthcare industry. Niche recruiters have experience with healthcare candidates and understand the qualifications that make a worker best suited for a particular placement.

Find qualified Austin area healthcare staff

TaleMed is an industry leader, filling placements in public and private facilities including acute care and community hospitals and trauma centers. We are joint commission certified and provide a strategic screening, testing and matching process that allows our hospital clients to find the right healthcare staff, every time. To learn more, visit our About page, or contact us today.

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