Travel Nursing in Alaska

Travel Destination: Alaska

Travel Nursing in Alaska

If you’re a travel nurse in love with outdoor adventure, Alaska is the destination for you. In this, our multi-blog series that explores top travel nurse locations, we explore the beautiful state of Alaska—and all that attracts travelers to the Great White North.

The land of extremes

Alaska is the largest state in the Union, but that’s not all. Throughout the year, it also has the longest day and longest night, not to mention the largest national park, longest coastline and highest mountain peak. If you’re looking for a travel nursing assignment in a location that’s sure to impress—check out one of the many cities in Alaska!

The best time to visit Alaska

As you may be aware, Alaskan winters can be cold! But the weather isn’t always chilly. In fact, the daytime temperatures in the summertime months range from roughly 60–80 degrees from May through September. These are the best months for a placement in Alaska to really maximize your ability to sightsee, take tours and experience the outdoors. Plus, during the summer in Alaska you’ll have extra-long hours of sunny skies. June 21 is the longest day of the year, with 19 hours of daylight!

Sightseeing and wildlife

Are you looking to travel to one of Alaska’s big cities, such as Juneau or Anchorage? If you do, you can take in a culinary and tasting tour or explore the shopping districts Alaska has to offer. Maybe you’d prefer to get outdoors with a flight tour, gold panning tour, dog sledding tour or a railroad day trip. Your journeys could bring you to bear viewing, bird watching or one of many wildlife excursions for close encounters with whales, moose and other animals native to the Alaskan countryside.

Outdoors recreation

Do enjoy getting back to nature with backpacking, camping, hiking or biking? In your free time as an Alaska travel RN, you can take in the beautiful countryside on foot or bike through many expeditions. You can also visit the glaciers on various glacier hiking and climbing tours. If you’d like to get outdoors but you’re not sure how—no worries! Many Alaskan cities offer guided camping and hiking adventures.

Fishing galore

Are you into fishing or just interested in trying your hand at freshly caught salmon, trout, halibut and pike? In Alaska, you can take guided tours to go both fresh water and salt water fishing, and even ice fishing. Alaskan tour companies will help you make the most of your fishing experience through lodging, guides, processing of your catch and equipment rental.

Arts, culture and history

During your Alaska travel nurse placement, you might wish to learn more about Alaskan culture—and you can by visiting the Anchorage Museum, panning for gold with Gold Dredge in Fairbanks, visiting the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival or checking out the Alaska State Museum in Juneau.

Ready to experience Alaska?

You can rely on TaleMed for placements in the best cities from travel nurses. If you’re interested in traveling to Alaska or many other states across the country, just reach out to one of our experienced travel nurse recruiters. To learn more, contact TaleMed today!

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