Travel Addict: The 7 Signs

Being a Travel Addict

Are you a travel Addict? Traveling can be addictive. The excitement of moving to a new place and exploring new things can be exhilarating. Most people find a balance between normal life and travel. How do you know if you have become addicted? Have you lost sight of normal?

Everything you own fits into your car

If you have condensed all your belongings to those items that fit into your car, you may be addicted to traveling. Only a dedicated long-term traveler can actually accomplish such a task. You must let go of many things to fit your things into a car. What freedom though. The fewer things you have, the less to way you down.

Always looking for the next assignment

If you are already thinking about your next assignment after 2 weeks of being at your current assignment, you might be a travel addict. Many nurses are still focusing on adapting to their situation. Many start thinking about their next assignment at the end of 2 months on their current assignment.

You are signed up with at least 20 agencies

If you have gone through the trouble of filling out all the application forms and skills check lists of 20 different companies, you may be a travel addict. Just filling out the paperwork can be a lot of work.

Your closest friends are scattered all over the United States

If your closest friends are over more than 5 States, you may be a travel addict. This indicates that may have been traveling awhile to make friends that are that scattered over the United States.

You have lived just about everywhere in the United States

If you look at all the places you have lived and there aren’t many states left, you may be a travel addict. You may even find that you are looking to “up the annie” a little, by traveling internationally. The United States may not be enough for you now. You must move onto more new and exciting challenges.

The person you keep in touch with the most is your recruiter

If you keep in touch with your recruiter more than anyone else, you may be a travel addict.

Being a travel addict is the best addiction I can think of. You make great money and get to see the world. Travelers can make an entire life around traveling. The key is to keep may not have a normal life, but they do have an exciting life. This is one way of seizing the moment. It can be addictive.

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