The 411 on RN Walkthrough Licensing States

Picture this…You’re an RN, licensed in Ohio, who has decided to give travel nursing a whirl. Your recruiter has found you your dream job in Arizona. Not only is the position in your unit of choice but it also has the added bonus of getting you closer to your retired parents.

But there’s a problem. The hospital needs you to start in two weeks. However, because Ohio is not part of the eNLC, your current license is only valid in your home state of Ohio.

Oh no! Did you say your goodbyes to the Buckeye State too soon?

Actually, there’s no problem because Arizona is an RN walkthrough license state!

Ok…What Exactly is an RN Walkthrough State?

RN walkthrough states are unique in that they allow nurses to obtain a temporary license in as little time as a day. In some states, you can walk into the board of nursing office, apply and walk out with your temporary license in hand. The walkthrough state licenses – valid anywhere from eight weeks to six months – allow nurses to immediately begin working while they wait for their permanent license to be processed.

These types of licenses are primarily used for people who are looking to move to another state, already have a job and are waiting for their permanent licensing application approval. In our example above, a nurse wanting to start a job in Arizona as soon as possible can be issued a temporary license practice within 48 hours and will be valid for six months.

As with Everything, It’s Best to Plan Ahead Whenever Possible

If you know that you want to travel to a specific state, we recommend doing a little research early on. Visit that state’s board of nursing website or ask your recruiter about the most current licensing information in that state. Fees vary widely and some states also require nurses to make an appointment to apply for temporary licensure.

Have questions? We’re always here and happy to help! TaleMed recruiters, as well as our Compliance Department, prove time and again to be valuable resources for our travelers. Contact us!


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