Items for Assignment: 10 items every travel nurse should have

Items for Assignment:

Life on the road can be a challenge, but there are professional and personal items that can make the journey a little easier So, here is a list of items for assignment.

  1. A good stethoscope. An important tool for any nurse, a good stethoscope is a critical item to pack on your travels.
  2. A dependable, waterproof watch. Taking pulses with a watch that features a second hand is a big part of the job. Make sure you have something of good quality that will be easy to read and can hold up to the demands of the job—and frequent hand washing.
  3. Comfortable shoes. Good, supportive shoes can make a 12-hour shift easier on your body. Find something with good arch support that will be easy to clean.
  4. GPS. If you are traveling by car, GPS in your vehicle or on a phone can make finding the way to your assignment and navigating your new town a lot easier.
  5. A laptop or computer. For doing job-related research, keeping in touch with loved ones or entertainment in your off-time, a computer can be a valuable tool. It can also double as a DVD player or to rent movies, especially if you have a cord to connect your computer to your TV.
  6. An electronic reader. This will allow you to keep up on your reading without having to visit the local library or rack up a stack of new books.
  7. Streaming TV. Ditch the cable hookup at your temporary home by packing a streaming entertainment unit like a Roku box or Amazon Fire TV. You can stream your favorite shows and movies without worrying about starting or ending a new cable contract.
  8. A camera. Capture all the memorable moments of your assignment with a good camera.
  9. Outdoor essentials. Especially in urban areas, a bicycle can offer both exercise and a break from commuting with a vehicle. In some areas, kayaking is a popular and easily accessible activity in many cities. Do research you go for other activities that are popular in the area such as skiing or hiking so you can be prepared to take part. Pay attention to the weather, too, and make sure to bring jackets, boots, or bathing suits as needed.
  10. Bedding. Even in a furnished apartment, having your own bedding—even a thick mattress pad—can make a good night’s sleep easier to achieve. Check into any other household items you will need to bring to your housing unit, such as linens or cookware.

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